Todd and Pam Pyle Victory


Todd and Pam Pyle Victory

Dove Valley Home Solutions, Inc in Phoenix, Arizona

Type(s) of Victory: Helped someone else achieve a goal, Helped someone in Mastery, Got my first deal under contract, It was just awesome

Our call came from a probate lead on June 8th while in the middle of the Marketing and Wholesaling Bootcamp in Las Vegas. A woman was anxious to sell her mother's home she had inherited and had spoken to another investor as well. We made her an offer and talked on and off several times over the next few weeks. She ultimately decided to sell it to a business associate for monthly payments to help out him and his family. We told her let us know if it doesn't work out...and put her in our "cold" lead pipe file to follow up on in a few weeks. She called on June 27 and told us he was not making his payments to her and she was ready for us to meet her and walk through the house. We met her the following morning at the home. We lowered our offer 5k due to the extreme distressed nature of the property and she signed our contract :) We compiled a beautiful wholesale package (as we learned to do from our wonderful FB education) and presented it at our monthly "MAZ" (Mastery of AZ) meeting on July 1st. We assigned this contract to another FB Mastery student on the 2nd ..... 4 days!!! AHHHHHH BOOM!

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Listened over and over to the many different ways the material and the systems were presented to us through core trainings, webinars, live events and coaching calls. And followed the SYSTEMS from taking calls to landing the deal ...and helped share this with another Mastery student!! Absolutely COULD NOT have done this without the Fortune Builder's TEAM behind us!!!

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