Victoria Martin Victory


Victoria Martin Victory

A & M Home and Property Solutions, LLC in Eastvale, CA
Victoria Martin with Kathryn Allison

Type(s) of Victory: Made my first offer

We've made a lot of progress since joining FB in Oct of '14, but I always felt it wasn't enough to call attention to any our Victory's. Well, we made our first offer this week! Immediately after meeting was over I realized we needed to write a follow-up letter after making the offer. So, I watched a training video and then wrote the letter so that it could be as strong as possible.  We'll be able to utilize this letter going forward, which summarized how our offer makes perfect sense! We're crossing our fingers that as the emotional state of our seller's subsides that logic will kick in, and we'll get the YES that we need to move forward with our first deal! Thank you Mary Anschutz for being the awesome coach that you are!!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

I watched a video by Professor Moore and using his comments, was able to write a kick-butt letter as a follow-up to our first offer! AND, our coach, Mary Anschutz has been instrumental in keeping up moving forward with awesome advice and support as life keeps pulling us in all directions. So, thank you FB for having such a great group of people that make it possible for us to move forward and ever closer to achieving our goals!

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