Zyzek Barro Victory


Zyzek Barro Victory

Zykor Homes, Inc in La Mesa, California

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a business goal, Implemented a marketing campaign, Started using a system, Found a great team member, Got my first lead, Made my first offer, It was just awesome

I enrolled in Mastery on August 17, 2013. We are now three months later, and I have implemented what I have learned from Mastery. This is my first of many posts on the FBwins site, but I will be sharing all wins up until this point; November 25th. Using the systems I have learned from Mastery, I have a weekly marketing system which consists of direct mail, online and offline marketing, and bandit signs. This week I will be experimenting with a new, local vanity number and a personal slogan: "Megan Pays Cash For Houses" 619-922-7779. I am confident this will be a win, which is why it gets a plug in this post. In addition to a marketing campaign, I have secured a relationship with the greatest real estate agent in the history of the entire universe: Reshia Guarnotta. Google her. You're welcome. Perhaps the most exciting win, and certainly the newest win, would be the launching of my website... Upon visiting www.zykorhomes.com, the visitor experiences a face-melting feast for the eyes. There are videos on the 3 main pages of the site for those that don't like to read. The most valuable aspect of the videos is that I am putting my face out there. Among the obvious reasons, I am doing this in a effort to enhance my networking strategy. WIN. BOOM. Disclaimer: It is recommended visitors only visit the site while in a seated position. Failure to operate within these suggestions may result in personal injury due to a knee-buckling website perfection. www.zykorhomes.com Thank you Fortune Builders, CThomes, Realty National!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

There are way too many people I have to thank, but I'm going to give a shout out to everyone that has been a direct part of my development as a FortuneBuilder: Realty National: Reshia, Blake, Bryan & Randy, The FortuneBuilders sales floor: Dan, Patrick, Sean, Randall, Benny, Noah, Lana, Kyle, James, John, Derrick, Brandon, Adam, Baird, Mota, Bragger, Linda & Brennan. Thank you all!

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