Want A Home In The Happiest City In The US?

Who wouldn’t? Think if you were flipping real estate in the ‘Happiest City In The US’ it would be a lot easier to turn around properties for your real estate investing business?

The point is that while buyers can’t really argue with you when the numbers stack up right and it makes sense to buy a property, that doesn’t mean that they are really excited and motivated to take action. If you really want to take your real estate investing business to the next level, think about what excites you into buying a property. It isn’t always just the numbers and if you are selling properties to retail buyers there is definitely a lot of emotion involved. After all owning your own place in the Happiest City in the country certainly warrants paying a little more for right?

Where is this mythical city? Well according to a recent Gallop poll the happiest city in the US is Bolder, CO. Certainly real estate investing companies in Bolder ought to be using this news to it’s maximum potential. However there are plenty of other titles up for grabs too. This same Gallop poll also looked at a variety of other data from life evaluation to health, work environment and more. From looking at the data Gainesville, FL could claim the ‘Best City to Work In, In The US’ and Honolulu, HI could be the ‘friendliest’ or ‘most satisfying’.

This does not mean you need to move your real estate investing focus somewhere new. Just consider what really makes your city great and what will attract the masses. Shout about it in all of your marketing pieces for your real estate investing business and if you find it hard to put it in words then find a way to get your potential buyers to really experience how great it can feel to own one of the homes you are selling.

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