What Google’s Social Search Means For Real Estate Investing

by Chris Musial

If you have tuned into the news or turned on your computer at all in the last couple of weeks you have no doubt seen the commotion about Facebook hiring a PR firm to slam Google and their new Social Search features.  Google’s Social Search brings a new dimension to surfing the web, but what does it mean for real estate investing companies?

Google’s Social Search now includes search results from your contacts.  This means their blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, links they have posted and recommendations they have made online.  The idea is that you will trust and probably like what your friends or connections like.  For real estate investing companies this just makes online marketing and in particular social media marketing even more essential and valuable.

Now when prospects that are connected to you through your various Google contacts or social media networks search the web for housing related needs they ought to be finding you at the top as a trusted source for information, selling their home or buying a new one.  If you aren’t there, then you can bet one of your competitors will be.

So this means that you must take your social media and online marketing for your real estate investing business more seriously than ever.  You need to make sure that you are adding as many contacts as you can and are gaining new Twitter followers and Facebook fans everyday.  Plus this means that all the content you have created for your real estate investing business will be even more valuable.  However it also means that it is much likelier to actually be read and not just sit there propping up your search engine rankings.  So consider the need to strive for higher quality and valuable real estate investing content for all of your online assets.

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