What Have You Achieved In 2011?

We are quickly coming up to the half way point in the year.  What have you accomplished through real estate investing so far in 2011?

Have you continued to put off investing in the real estate education course that you know you need so badly and that will give you the edge you need to succeed?  Have you sold tens of millions in real estate?  Have you doubled your income from last year?  Or have you simply continued to struggle on without seeing any real results?

If you are not well on your way to reaching this year’s goals for your real estate investing business, then you don’t have much time left to get on the right track.  Others are making millions flipping houses and building valuable brands.  Many of them with fewer resources and hours in the day than you have.

There are no excuses.  If you haven’t invested in a quality real estate investing education course then this needs to be your first step.  It will make all the difference and launch you on the right road to success quickly.  If you have, then you need to start putting what you have learned into action.  If it has been a while since you picked it up, then re-read it or even go a step further and invest in coaching that will keep you accountable and on track.

Take the time to revisit your goals, identify where you need to redouble your efforts and block out the time you need to put into focusing on those areas of your real estate investing business.  Which of your marketing channels are working?  Which are not?  Which could be tweaked to produce a higher ROI so that you can do more?  What will it take for you to be doing double the volume of flipping houses by the end of the year?

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