What is an Intrapreneur?

by Clinton Young

Welcome back guys. Clinton Young here, your head trainer at the FB Talent Network.

I shared in a recent video how developing entrepreneurial skills is paramount to landing your dream opportunity and in the coming videos we’re going to share with you simple steps you can take to achieve this, AND how you can become more entrepreneurial in your current job to uncover potential existing opportunities for growth and development inside of your current company.

There is a trend amongst leading-edge companies out there to have less constrictions on their employees and offer more opportunities for creative thinking and proactive decision making in order to inspire innovation and “Next Level” results. We call this Intrapreneurship. IntrepreWHO?

So what is Intrapreneurship?

Dictionary definitions:

Intrapreneurship is “the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organization”.

An intrapreneur is “A person within a corporation who takes direct responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished product through assertive risk-taking and innovation”

“Being an intrapreneur refers to an employee’s initiative to undertake something new, without being asked to do so.”

Read more: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/intrapreneurship.html#ixzz2bEg1ozQ1

At FortuneBuilders, we only hire Intrapreneurs.  The way I define an intrapreneur is a person who is Entrepreneurial Minded, Growth Oriented, and Fully Engaged in Life.

Entrepreneurial Minded: Takes ownership in their role as if it was their own business; Proactively seeks ways to add value; Resourceful (comes to the table with not just questions, but with possible answers, having taken the responsibility for doing the work up front).

Growth Minded: Sets goals, always looks to learn from every experience in life, reading books, going to seminars, asking themselves good questions.

Fully Engaged in Life: Positive, passionate, expressing themselves through hobbies and activities

If this is the type of culture that you see yourself in, then research companies and schedule informational meetings with key people in the company to learn more about their culture. That might sound like a strange thing to do when looking for a job, but entrepreneurs are the ones who will “do now what others aren’t willing to do, so you can have later what others will never have” as stated by our Founder Than Merrill.

Stay tuned to learn more about the how you can become a Networking Ninja on your path to your dream opportunity.

Create an excellent week.

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