What Thanksgiving 2011 Can Do For Your Productivity

Between all of the other holidays at this time of year Thanksgiving unfortunately sometimes goes overlooked as an incredible opportunity to boost the productivity of your real estate investing business.

For a start, Thanksgiving offers real estate investors a multitude of networking opportunities. Local associations and groups may have events that you can attend. If you have a spouse or partner their employer could be throwing a luncheon of dinner which you can go along to and network at. Or you can throw your own Thanksgiving dinner and real estate investing networking event and invite local real estate pros and potential private lenders. Even just inviting a few more extended family members and friends to your own Thanksgiving dinner at home could present new real estate investing opportunities.

Thanksgiving 2011 also brings many opportunities to boost the brand visibility of your real estate investing business. Among these are getting involved in charity. Why not make a drive to donate food or even have your team volunteer hours to help out at a local food kitchen?

On this subject, don’t overlook your own staff. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show appreciation to all of your contractors and team members that contribute to the daily success of your real estate investing business. Throwing a lunch for them and their families or even just giving them all turkeys and the day off so that they can enjoy a great Thanksgiving with their families will go a long way to making them feel appreciated and is a lot cheaper than handing out raises that will hit your pocket all year round. Happier staff will work harder, boosting your productivity and will be more loyal despite others trying to lure them away.

So how will you grow your real estate investing business this Thanksgiving?

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