What To Watch For When Buying Internet Leads

Purchasing Internet leads can be a great way to give your real estate investing a boost and get off the ground running. However you cannot afford to buy just any old Internet leads. You must make sure that you are getting quality leads or risk squandering your marketing budget with zero results. So what should you be watching out for?

Finding a reliable source for real estate investing Internet leads is the most important step. You must be careful about just choosing the first company that you find on the Internet. There have been many horror stories of lead companies stealing credit card information and providing bogus leads. Look to other real estate investors and find out who they have used successfully and who they have been burned by.

You should also be wary of real estate investing leads that are too cheap. Junk leads that have been resold a hundred times and that are extremely old are often no better than just calling your way through the phone book. Quality is key. Remember your time is valuable and the fewer leads you have to contact for every closed deal the higher your return and the more free time you will have. The only exception to this rule may be acquiring ‘aged leads’ at a discount, providing you know exactly what you are getting.

Always quiz your representative at any lead company you are considering doing business with before jumping in head first. Ask them how their list is complied and how they know that these leads are prime candidates for your real estate investing business. Also make sure you know what their refund policy so that you can get your money back for any bogus leads.

Once you receive your leads always check through them to make sure they are what you ordered. Some underhanded companies may try to slip in leads that do not meet your criteria just to fill in the numbers and others may make genuine mistakes. Check for obviously bogus numbers like 123-999-999 as well as names like ‘Bart Simpson’ and ‘Fred Flintstone’ as well as less obvious items like values and geographic areas.

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