Where To Work For Max Productivity

Where is the most productive place to work for real estate investing?
Technology and the world of business has changed dramatically over the last few years so is working from home really better than getting a highly trafficked storefront or is there an even better option for real estate investing pros?
Today many are attracted to real estate investing not just for the vast amounts of money to be made but for the freedom it offers. However, just because you can work from home or the beach or the Alps for that matter doesn’t mean that it is wrong to get a real brick and mortar office. There are perhaps a number of reasons that having a real office can be valuable. Some may simply not be able to focus or stay organized at home. Others who are investing in commercial real estate may be able to get their space for free, so why not. Then given the current state of the housing market you have think that there is a good chance you can help at least 50% of the traffic passing by a retail storefront which can mean a lot more business.
For those who really like getting up and out to go to work and love networking face to face for real estate investing then perhaps executive office suites or taking advantage of the new breed of social working spaces is a great compromise.
Those who truly live and breathe real estate investing and would happily forgo the round the world journeys to focus on their craft day in and day out would probably find a mobile office like a customized limo bus or small RV would be the ultimate solution for productivity. You could be on the road, yet connected and in your own zone 24/7. There would be no wasted time in between visiting properties or going to closings and no interruptions when you need to focus.
If that is a little too extravagant for your tastes and you really want to set up shop from home then it is essential to carve out your own ‘investors cave’ to maximize productivity.