Is Wholesaling The Best Way To Get Started In Real Estate Investing?

With a surprisingly large number of exit strategies in the industry, which provides the best opportunities for relatively new real estate investors? A lot of investors will tell you that a wholesale deal is the best place to get your start, but are they correct?

With so many ways to invest in real estate, many aspiring investors wonder which is the right strategy to begin with in order to get their feet wet. Should they start by fixing and flipping homes, acquiring foreclosures and renting them out or offering lease options, wholesaling, flipping real estate contracts, or even just as a real estate agent.

The best real estate investing path or strategy for any individual can certainly depend on their own personal goals, talents and resources. However, no matter what your long term plan is, there can still be some very good reasons to kick start your investing with real estate wholesaling.

Real estate wholesaling has received a negative connotation. Misinformed individuals perpetuate stereotypes that make wholesaling seem difficult or even impossible. As a result, new investors may miss out on great opportunities, or engage in risky strategies they are not ready for.

The bottom line is that wholesaling houses can mean much lower risk and faster paydays. It is the ideal entry strategy, and a profitable one, if automated and scaled correctly.

It may not be a magic solution, or right for 100% of newbies, but it is a fantastic way to test the waters. Put what you’ve learned in your real estate education program into play, get a real feel for it, hone your skills, and stack up some cash. Then scale or diversify as you like.