Why Your Online Marketing Isn’t Working!

If you aren’t realizing the great results for your real estate investing business that you had anticipated from your online marketing, don’t panic yet! With a few alterations and a little creativity you can!

Start by taking another look at your keywords you are using for promoting your real estate investing services online. If you are not pulling in the traffic that you hoped then check out the amount of competition for similar keywords and see if there are some that will yield better results. Or if you are getting a lot of hits on your real estate investing website but are not actually getting hard inquiries perhaps you need to focus in on your niche harder with long tail keywords that are better at attracting those who are really poised to buy in your area.

If you just are not seeing the volume of web visitors that you had hoped for and see others getting, then perhaps you are not doing enough marketing. Are you blogging every day, doing article marketing every week, posting on your social media accounts as often as you should be? These types of marketing for those flipping houses are really not expensive at all, so try increasing your volume over the next couple of weeks and see how your traffic surges.

Are you incorporating exciting calls to action throughout your online marketing channels? If not how do you expect to motivate buyers and sellers to make the effort to contact you? There are millions of homes on the market that are ripe for real estate investing, but how are you standing out from the crowd? Today travel website Expedia announced a Facebook competition giving away trips worth $160,000. Now that is worth becoming a fan of their page and telling your friends about it for. Don’t think that they are actually giving away $160,000 out of their own pocket to each winner either. You can bet they are having their strategic partners put up a lot of the giveaways. So what similar ideas can you come up with?

Finally, are you following up? Are you really working every lead as hard as you can? If someone came through to your real estate investing website the chances are that they are looking to buy or sell a home or invest in property too. Though if you don’t follow up you will never know and you are leaving the door open for other real estate investing companies to win their long term business!

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