Winter Curb Appeal Trends To Sleigh The Selling Season

Key Takeaways

  • In what’s shaping up to be an active real estate market, winter curb appeal is more important than ever before.
  • When decorating, keep in mind that “less is more.” Avoid overpowering a property’s charm.
  • Choosing subdued, neutral elements will appeal to a broader market of homebuyers.

Keeping up with winter curb appeal trends is an important pursuit for sellers any year, but this winter it may be more important than ever. Although dropping temperatures usually signal an oncoming lull in the real estate market, this winter’s real estate market is shaping up to be more active than in years past. Because the seller’s market was so busy in the summer and fall, real estate experts are predicting that there will be carry-over into the winter months.

Although you may be tempted to allow your investing business to go on a short holiday break, now is the time to strap up your snow boots and get an edge over competitors. For sellers hoping to entice prospective buyers to leave the comfort of warm homes and vehicles, winter curb appeal should be made a priority. However, because other sellers will also be expecting a busy winter season, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that your property will “wow” homebuyers over those of others.

Adapting your property’s exterior to winter doesn’t need to be an expensive endeavor. On the contrary, small and tasteful additions will offer great impact and will allow homebuyers to imagine themselves living there. Below you will find a few of what are expected to be the hottest winter curb appeal trends of 2017.

Embracing holiday-inspired designs will be sure to resonate with this season’s homebuyers. Once you have invited prospective buyers inside, don’t forget to offer a warm beverage to make them feel right at home.

Winter Curb Appeal Trends: Manicured Exterior

Needless to say, a property’s exterior and surroundings make the first impression on potential homebuyers. The rain, snow, slush and everything in between can leave a big mess. Although frigid temperatures make it a tough job, it is imperative for sellers to stay on top of maintaining a beautiful exterior. If anything, it is necessary to shovel snow and clear pathways to ensure the safety of others.

  • Clean Gutters
    Clean Gutters
    As the fall season transitions into winter, tons of leaves and debris will accumulate in the gutters. Show prospective buyers you care about home maintenance by paying attention to detail.
  • Shoveled Walkway
    Shoveled Walkway
    Clearing walkways of mud and snow is not only a way to tidy up the exterior of a property, it is a necessary safety precaution. Make sure open house visitors can make it all the way to the front door without slipping!
  • Freshly Painted
    Freshly Painted
    To really impress buyers, give the home exterior a few coats of fresh paint! This property features a bright red color that contrasts beautifully with winter white.
  •  Immaculate Shrubbery
    Immaculate Shrubbery
    A visitor’s first impression of a home is its exterior, and landscaping is a must even in the harshest weather. Keep the front lawn and shrubbery neatly trimmed for a freshly manicured look.


Winter Curb Appeal Trends: Seasonal Sparkle

Lighting is the perfect tool to add some festivity to your property while helping spur the imaginations of potential homebuyers. As the days grow shorter and darker, beacons of light will entice those passing by to take a peek inside, as well as ensure the safety of those on foot. Be careful not to select color schemes that are synonymous with any specific religion, however, so as not to alienate prospective buyers.

  • Lamp Posts
    Lamp Posts
    Lamp posts are a classic feature synonymous with wintertime. Potential buyers will be sure to appreciate this festive yet elegant feature.
  • Lanterns
    An on-trend option for lighting that will be seen everywhere this winter is lanterns. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, lanterns serve as decorative features while providing light.
  • Walkway Lighting
    Walkway Lighting
    Proper lighting along driveways and walkways will help make a property appear more safe and attractive to potential buyers. As the days grow shorter, illuminating the area around your property will be sure to grab attention.
  • String Lights
    String Lights
    Hanging string lights along the home exterior will bring anyone into the holiday spirit. This season’s trends favor minimalistic string lights, which can help bring out the best in your property.


Winter Curb Appeal Trends: Subdued Decor

The use of props and natural elements help draw attention to your property, and they also help create focal points for elements you’d like to highlight. “Less is more” is a great rule of thumb to abide by while decorating, so as not to overpower the home exterior. Opt for winter-themed over Christmas-themed elements.

  • Bird Houses
    Bird Houses
    Bird houses add a unique decorative feature for visitors to admire. Leave out feed to attract birds, whose jewel-toned feathers will look beautiful against the snow.
  • Festive Objects
    Festive Objects
    Winter-inspired props such as snowmen or woodland critters can help elevate holiday curb appeal. However, it’s easy to go overboard so make sure that the decor does not detract from the property itself.
  • Natural Elements
    Natural Elements
    Rustic, natural elements such as pinecones and evergreen garlands will help visitors feel right at home. Simplistic, nature-inspired decor helps draw attention to property features, so placement is key.
  • Holiday Wreaths
    Holiday Wreaths
    A pillar of holiday decor, wreaths help draw attention to the front entry of a property. Subdued hues and elements will be center stage this season.


Winter Curb Appeal Trends: Cold Weather Plants

Cultivating a garden in the middle of winter may sound unappealing, but much to your luck there are several varieties of plants that thrive in the colder climates. For example, winterberries are a classic choice that add beautiful splashes of color against a snowy backdrop. For a budget-friendly approach, consider low-maintenance varieties of evergreens that stay in season all year long.

  • Poinsettias
    Synonymous with the holiday seasons, poinsettias are the perfect plant to add a pop of color around the property. Use planters to lead potential buyers up the walkway.
  • Succulents
    Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry! An unexpected twist borrowed from the west coast, succulents stay in season all year long and are easy to care for. Choose varieties with a whitish hue for a snowy effect.
  • Winter Blooms
    Winter Blooms
    There are a variety of flora and fauna that come into season this time of year. Winterberries, camellia and snowdrops are examples of varieties that withstand the weather and add delicate splashes of color to a snowy backdrop.
  • Evergreens
    Evergreens stand up well to cold weather and will keep your property looking nice all year long. Snow blanketing trees around your home will create a postcard-worthy image.


Winter Curb Appeal Trends: Welcoming Doors

The front door is a statement piece that accentuates the personality of a property.
If the home’s exterior has a subdued hue, consider adding a pop of color that will be sure to brighten moods. For a more understated and elegant design, opt for dark or neutral tones.

  • Blue
    Vivid hues such as robin, turquoise or dark blue provide a stark contrast against neutral exteriors and winter weather. Pops of color will also help brighten the mood on the darkest winter days.
  • Natural
    Instead of picking out bright hues, go the opposite direction and strip down to the original wood or choose subdued wood varnishes. This choice is perfect for those embracing a minimalist, rustic design.
  • Transparent
    A door featuring transparent material or decorative glass will entice passers-by to peek inside a property. The illumination from within will also give the porch a warm glow.
  • Black
    This season, black is the new black. Dark doors help create an elegant, expensive look and serve as canvases for colorful wreaths and other winter decor.

Which winter curb appeal trends do you plan to implement this year? Share in the comments below.

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