Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Acquisitions & Wholesaling Bootcamp

Whether you are a newbie investor or a more experienced one; whether you’re on the East Coast, the West, or ANYWHERE in between, this event will be of immense value to you and your Real Estate Investing Business.

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This event is reserved for our registered coaching students.

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Day 1: Setting Up Your Company & Creating a Marketing Plan to Find Deals

  • Learn how to set up your corporate and office systems correctly
  • Learn how to integrate technology from day one including setting up multiple websites, your phone systems, and database
  • How to implement and automate our brand new offline marketing strategies (including a phenomenal fulfillment house we’ve recently teamed up with that now handles ALL of our direct mail)
  • FREE online marketing techniques that we are using to drive in seller leads!
  • How to create an online presence in 7 days or less to dominate your local market
  • Custom design a step by step marketing plan you can put into effect immediately incorporating the most effective online AND offline strategies to generate a TON of buyer and seller leads
  • How to build a stellar marketing team so you can beat the pants off your competition
  • How to outsource your marketing to other people so you can focus on what’s important — BUYING PROPERTIES
  • Marketing round table so you can pick the brains of the top marketing experts who are literally buying and selling hundreds of houses each year collectively!

Day 2: Evaluating Deals, Creating Buying Systems, & Virtual Investing Tools

  • How to evaluate deals quickly and easily without leaving your house
  • Learn how to appraise the value of any property so you can have the confidence to make offers every time you visit a seller
  • Learn how we are using the power of the Internet to evaluate properties that are outside your area
  • Practice sessions on meeting with sellers and handling objections so you will never lose a deal to a competitor ever again
  • Learn how to structure creative offers so you can buy houses without any of your own cash
  • How to write contracts the right way so you eliminate all of the risk
  • Setting up and leveraging your Lead Management Systems
  • Hiring Virtual Assistants to evaluate your deals and streamline your entire lead generation process
  • Virtual Investing Tools that will help you make WAY MORE money in WAY LESS time
  • BRING YOUR ACTIVE DEALS! We will be doing live Wholesaling Case Studies where we will analyze them, structure them, and more importantly ensure they get accepted!!

Day 3: New Rehabbing Strategies, Building Your Buyers List, & Implementing The 9 Step Selling System

  • Learn the different approaches we are taking in today’s changing market to automate our Rehabbing projects, decrease our overhead, and increase our profits
  • Top marketing strategies (including using video, squeeze pages, landing pages and more) to build a massive builders list. These are the strategies we’ve used to add over 30,000 people to our buyers list in the last year alone
  • Advanced Online Tools we’ve implemented to channel leads and get our properties SOLD using the 9 Step Selling System
  • Practice sessions on meeting with sellers and handling objections so you will never lose a deal to a competitor ever again
  • Learn my top online and offline property marketing strategies to get your properties SOLD at lightning speed
  • Learn how to turn bad credit buyers into homeowners with 5 simple steps
  • How to get your properties sold without having to meet with buyers or show properties yourself
  • How to get investor buyers literally fawning all over you hoping you will sell them a property
  • How to step-by-step implement the 9 Stage Selling System to completely automate every phase of the selling process!

DAY 4: Financing Properties, Business Planning, Virtual Outsourcing, & Bulk REO Property Opportunities

  • Learn 10 killer negotiating tips you can use to get any bank to discount
  • How to raise private funds so you will never have to worry about having enough money to fund your deals again
  • Learn how to set up Transactional Funding is a MUST in today’s wholesaling market
  • The changes in Creative Financing Strategies and what’s WORKING right now
  • Learn how to do deals in your IRA so you will never have to pay taxes again
  • Set goals for the upcoming year so you have an action plan when you leave
  • How to find and buy deeply discounted bulk REO properties, which is one of today’s HUGEST money making opportunities!
  • How to automate your biz by having people who can work around the clock for you!
  • What type of work you can and should be outsourcing virtually, and more importantly what you should not outsource virtually
  • The best companies to hire virtual assistants at dirt cheap prices
  • The best websites to post projects on and get others bidding
  • How to pre-screen and hire the best virtual assistants and service providers
  • How to set up a training system to get your VA’s trained quickly and correctly from day one!
  • Learn how to manage and pay your Virtual Assistant’s
  • Set goals for the upcoming year so you have an action plan when you leave!