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Speakers Presentation

9.73 out of 10

Event Overall

9.58 out of 10

Event Atmosphere

9.21 out of 10
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Recent Student Deals

Students in our FortuneBuilders Mastery program are always sharing and celebrating their successes with the community and we hope to inspire real estate investors with their deals and case studies. Click through the most recent submissions or go to student success to browse all of the student-submitted investment deals.

  • "This was our first deal, 3 months after joining fortune builders. We were very excited and nervous. We got the deal through a realtor we knew. The owner was very sick and wanted to sell fast."

    Samson Burch
    SAX HOMES, llc
    Little rock, AR
  • "The seller reached out to us about selling his house because of a business card we gave to his daughter. He wanted to sell the rental he owned to be able to make a down payment on a home for his daughter. We secured a contract and found a couple that wanted to owner finance the home. From there we s ..." Read More

    Bethnie Green
    Guthrie Property Solutions
    Frankston, TX
  • "New Orleans historic house built circa 1830 as a school. The property was turned into a double, then a triple during it's recent past. The Structure survived New Orlean's major hurricanes - Betsy and Katrina - and it was restored by our team as a single family home. We worked along the HDLC (hist ..." Read More

    Gabriel Velasco
    Good Deal Houses Llc
    New Orleans, LA
  • "Property had not been lived in for quite a while. A family member had been there infrequently. There was no kitchen, no appliances except for a hot plate and an old refrigerator, no bathrooms, the toilets were not connected. As we got further into the rehabbing process we had many surprises. There w ..." Read More

    Tricia Manara
    Better Neighborhoods LLC
    Chandler, AZ
  • "Situated on over a half an acre of pristine property and originally built in 1888, this home was ushered into the 21st Century while carefully retaining and restoring its historical elements. This captivating property has a harmonious blend of quiet modernism and classic vintage charm."

    Tonya Lassus
    JT Integrity Properties, Inc.
    Fort Wayne, IN
  • "This deal came to be through a previous client. I had bought his wife's mother's house when she passed and he called me back to buy his mother's house now that she was moving in to a nursing home. The cash flow was so good, we decided to add to our rental portfolio."

    Victor Alves
    ShapeUp Homes, Inc
    San Antonio, TX
  • "I was contacted by the homeowners of these properties all about the same time. The deals were pretty thin, so it didn't make much sense to flip them all. I was using creative financing techniques purchase the deals, and thought it would be best to package them up and sell them as a Rehab-to-Rent pac ..." Read More

    Jeremiah Phillips
    Harmon Blue, LLC
    Lubbock, TX

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