Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

25 Resources To Take Your Business To The Next Level

Written by Than Merrill

With the incredible advances in today’s technology, you have multiple resources at your fingertips. Whether you want to grow in personal development or you are looking for ways to help your business prosper, these 25 sites are sure to increase your productivity and aid you in achieving your goals:



The premier platform for online learning. Whether you want to improve upon your current skills or learn something new, Lynda will have a detailed tutorial with an expert teacher just for you.


Listen to some inspirational and informational talks from fellow peers in your field. Expand your knowledge and maybe get some new ideas for your business.


Has courses on a variety of topics taught by actual university professors. You can even apply for a certificate at the end of your chosen program.


If you need a little motivation or something to get your creative juices flowing, 99U has insights on everything from current news to business advice.

Mental Floss

Wake up your brain with online quizzes, puzzles, random facts and more. Their videos and articles dig deeper into topics you thought you were already an expert on.

Real Estate


Has something for buyers, sellers, and agents alike. Great for If you are looking to put your house on the market, or if you just want some good real estate advice.


Is primarily targeted at homeowners. Search for contractors or scroll through beautiful photos to get some inspirations for your next design project.


If you are a visual learner, you may prefer Zillow over With charts and graphs that offer a variety of data, investors are able to see everything they need in one place.


A great source for all Real Estate news, advice, and tech information from the experts themselves.


As leaders of thought and education, FortuneBuilders provides information for investors on everything from flipping properties to wholesaling.




Uses cutting edge technology to find the ultimate solution for creating, distributing, and optimizing content. Great for freelancers.


Follow your favorite blogs and view all the content on one, visually appealing platform. Will also recommend new blogs based on your interests.


A content curation tool that allows you to find original content by searching keywords. You will also get notified when new content is created that pertains to your business.


Does not create content for you, but helps you find and browse through ideas of those in your industry.

Post Planner

Stores your content and posts it across your various social media accounts at specific times to ensure you are getting the highest engagement.



Helps subscribers find individuals to complete tasks for their business and negotiates prices for you.Can be ongoing or one-time projects.


Promises that its users are hand picked based on their unique skills. Good for if you are looking for a service or looking to sell your service.


Is unique because it allows users to hire by the hour or by the project while also being able to track the progress of the work online.


Understands the busy lifestyle of millennials and therefore created a site that adapted to it. Use hubspot to attract and engage with your customers by delivering inbound marketing that is helpful and personalized.


Is different in that members only pay for completed work. Depending on your membership level, projects can be cheaper.