Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

4 Real Estate Investing Niches Dying to be Tapped

Written by Than Merrill

Looking for a hot real estate investing niche to tap into for making big money flipping houses as the market turns around?

Check out these 4 ideas…

1. Divorcees
As the economy improves there is a good chance we will see a lot more relationship splits and divorces. This is potentially a very profitable niche for real estate investing full of motivated individuals eager to make a deal happen.
First the family home often needs to be sold off quickly which can provide for great real estate investing bargains. Then the parties need to find new housing on the fly. Some may need to rent but others will be walking away with big checks and ready to pay cash. Then there are the divorce attorneys in the middle who may get paid a lot faster if everyone finds a housing solution quickly and who have quite a bit of power in influencing decision making. These lawyers should be your new best friends.

2. Corporate Housing
When corporate housing is mentioned in connection with real estate investing most think of converting apartment buildings. However, corporations are under increasing pressure to provide relocation assistance, especially as the job market heats up too. How can you help companies cut their own costs and retain the best employees by scooping up short sale deals when employees are shipped out and helping to secure them new homes whenever they are being relocated to? This could be a great ongoing referral source with the right marketing.

3. ‘Pre-Habs’
Pre-habs is basically wholesaling except going on step further to clean out homes for the next buyer or real estate investing company. While not costing much it can enable buyers to better envision the potential and future value and boost your profit margins.

4. New Construction
Well not brand new construction but what about the hoard of new, never lived in properties still hanging around from the last boom? Many large builders may have gotten rid of most of their stagnant inventory but there are still many smaller developers and luxury home builders with inventory in great locations that could be about to boom again. Be wary of speculative buying but perhaps getting your fingers in this pie could provide some pretty handsome profits and easy to sell homes.