Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

5 Inexpensive Marketing Ideas For Flipping Houses Faster

Written by Than Merrill

1. Networking
Networking is the cheapest way to market your real estate investing services. Get out and meet people who can feed you leads on foreclosures, short sales and other distressed homes at local networking events like the Chamber of Commerce and Realtor functions. Attend related industry trade shows for meeting mortgage and real estate experts who can help you close deals faster. Join local real estate investing groups where you will find other investors who you can be flipping houses too quickly.

2. Bandit Signs
Use inexpensive bandit signs for promoting your real estate investing business. These signs can often be printed for between $7-$20 and can attract unlimited amounts of prospects. Stick them in the yards of every property you own or are working on and place them at intersections to attract sellers who desperately need to unload their properties.

3. Door Hangers
Door hangers are very inexpensive, yet incredibly effective. If prospects want to go in and out of their homes then they have to take them off, ensuring your message gets into their hands every time. These can be placed in rental communities to attract first time home buyers or on homes of those who have fallen into default on their home loans. Plus by utilizing both sides of your door hangers and cross promoting other related services you can have sponsors and strategic partners pick up the tab so that you even get free marketing for your real estate investing business.

4. Bulk SMS Marketing
Bulk SMS marketing can be extremely cost effective and multi-purposed for both locating motivated sellers and flipping houses quickly. Mass text messages can be sent to lead lists of defaulting homeowners who need to sell as well for announcing new deals you are selling to your network of buyers. In contrast to direct mail or telemarketing almost 100% of text messages are read and they boast high rates of action, resulting in inbound calls from those who want to do business with you. Plus they cost just a few cents a piece compared to several dollars for other forms of marketing you may have tried for your real estate investing business.

5. Webinars
Why not consider putting on your own webinars. These can be done free or at least very inexpensively through various programs and enable you to connect with a large number of prospects simultaneously, ensuring that you are making the best use of your time. These can be used for offering assistance to distressed homeowners as well as promoting your properties to others interested in real estate investing and seeking access to wholesale properties.