Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

5 Best Ways To Pay It Forward For Your Real Estate Company

Written by Paul Esajian

What’s the best way for you real estate company to give back? Otherwise known as paying it forward, how can this practice be mutually beneficial to everyone involved?

Giving back is more than one of the most rewarding parts of starting your own real estate company. It’s an obligation.

Millions of individuals and families will never have the opportunities that U.S. real estate investors have. Take the time to make time for philanthropy. After a certain point, the mounds of money only increase happiness so much.

Of course, not every real estate investing company is on the same level and there can be different opportunities for social good at varying phases in a business’ growth. So what’s right for you?

A few options for your real estate company may include:

1. Volunteering

Even if your real estate company is a brand new startup, there are always opportunities to volunteer. For newbies, it’s a great way to make new contacts. For larger organizations, it’s a great way to increase team bonding.

2. Raise Funds For Other Causes

Real estate investing companies hold a lot of influence between numerous contacts and large social media networks. These platforms are ideal for raising awareness of different causes and helping them to raise the cash they need to help others. Plus, this helps to avoid any confusion about what’s being done with the money.

3. Give Product

One of the most popular corporate trends today is to give away product in alignment to what is sold. Real estate investors may not be able to give away a home every time they sell one, but they could put a percentage of each property flipped towards funding low income housing, giving away a modest home, or even drilling a well that could provide clean water for an entire community overseas. Land could even be subdivided with a portion donated for public parks or buildings.

4. Percentage of Profits

Others may choose to keep it simple by giving back a set percentage of net profits each quarter. Consider getting consumers involved by letting them vote on which causes to donate to.

5. Start A Foundation

For the Bill Gates fans out there, why not spin off a charitable foundation which can become its own entity and even raise funds from other real estate investing companies? FortuneBuilders is equally proud to support the Equal Footing Foundation.