Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

5 Ways To Generate Real Estate Investing Leads On A Tiny Budget

Written by Than Merrill

1. Networking

The single most powerful thing you can do to generate leads for your real estate investing business without spending money is to network and let everyone you meet know how you can help. Certainly today everyone knows someone who is either looking to buy a home or who is underwater on their mortgage. Some networking events and real estate investing clubs can cost a few dollars to attend though you have an opportunity to connect with people everywhere you go from the gym to the gas station to the mall and your kid’s school.

2. Signs

Yard signs may seem a little tacky and over done to some of you but the bottom line is that they really do work and they are very inexpensive. You can normally get them very cheap from a local sign store. It is a great way to get your phone ringing and generate leads for your real estate investing business quickly.

3. Social Media Marketing

If you are getting into real estate investing on a very tight budget social media marketing can be one of your best allies. While you will ultimately want to have custom designs and images created for your profiles and outsource the content and management there is nothing stopping you from getting started today and making new connections and creating leads right now.

4. Pick Up The Phone

If you are looking to generate leads on distressed homes and find big discounts on homes to flip right now, picking up the phone is one of the fastest and easiest ways to do it. You can find cheap lists from a number of lead providers as well as driving your local area and checking the paper.

5. Hand Written Letters

Don’t have the budget to launch a big direct mail campaign yet? That’s OK. Start small by sending out a couple dozen hand written letters a day to generate leads from underwater homeowners who need to sell and renters who are looking to buy.