Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

9 Character Traits Of Successful Business Owners

Written by Than Merrill

For the most part, successful business owners exhibit a propensity towards one characteristic: leadership. While there are exceptions to the rule, both good and bad, leadership qualities are as much of a business asset as they are a defining character trait. Leadership, to that point, has become an integral tool in establishing a successful business. Of course it is entirely possible to run a business without proper leadership, but it is ill advised and will only limit your potential as an entrepreneur.

Great leaders, and I mean those that are truly exceptional at what they do, instill a sense of confidence in those around them. They make the team better, and encourage potential. The best leaders – as a result – are not those that demand respect, but those that earn it.

If you are looking to grow your business, whatever it may be, try thinking outside the box. Perhaps what you need is right in front of you. Maybe you just need a little help managing the people around you. The following is a list of the 9 most important traits exhibited by successful business owners:

1. They Make Genuine Connections

Any successful business owner will tell you that it’s not about the number of connections you make, but rather the quality of those connections. While it is true that a lot of connections are more likely to help your business than hinder it, it can be argued that the foundation of any business lies in those connections that truly mean something. Quality over quantity, if you will. The more meaningful the relationship, the more inclined people will be to reciprocate their appreciation. To that end, successful real estate leaders tend to value the intimacy of the one-on-one conversation. They treat everyone as if they are the only other person in the room. Likeable leaders, for that matter, communicate on a very personal level.

2. They Are Easy To Approach

Real estate has always been a people business, and it will continue to be for as long as homes are being sold. Connections made in the industry, whether it is with a client or fellow employee, carry a lot of weight, and can even set the tone for your entire career. Having said that, successful real estate investors are nothing if they are not approachable. The best entrepreneurs are those that make themselves readily available to anyone that may be inclined to reach out. Likable leaders understand that everyone, regardless of their position or skill level, is worth their time.

3. They Are Humble

The most likeable real estate investors in today’s industry understand that how they handle success says a lot about their character. Far too many entrepreneurs, for that matter, become complacent when they realize success. Their arrogance blinds them from what got them there in the first place. However, those that can remain humble, even in the face of unparalleled success, will truly earn the respect of those around them. Rather than standing on a soapbox, they use their position as an opportunity to serve. In fact, they never assume their position makes them better than anyone else.

4. They Maintain A Positive Attitude

Successful real estate leaders are more than aware of the impact their attitude has on those around them. They are certainly familiar with the importance of maintaining a positive morale. The way they carry themselves is infectious, and can easily be seen on display by those they work with. If nothing else, a positive attitude has the potential to elevate the level of those you work with. It is also the easiest way to navigate undeniably negative situations.

5. They Take Things In Stride

Successful real estate leaders understand that the investing game is a marathon, and not a sprint. They are aware that not everything will go according to plan, and to that end, that success may come in waves. However, perhaps even more so than understanding the ebbs and flows of the industry, entrepreneurs and business owners know how to work through them. They rarely every ask for praise, nor do they get scared when they make a mistake. They graciously accept success without letting it make them complacent, and they readily acknowledge failures without it bogging them down. The most important thing is that they learn from each scenario, and use it to move forward.

6. They Are Generous

Generosity is indicative of an individual’s character, and it has certainly defined some of the best business leaders our world has seen. Real estate entrepreneurs, for that matter, are no exception. It just so happens that most successful real estate investors take a minute to invest in those around them as much as they do in physical properties. They understand the importance of giving; weather it be money or experience. I would go as far as saying that the best leaders out there are unfailingly generous to those in their circle, and even those that aren’t. They are in a position to give back, and understand that their generosity can only encourage those around them to do better.

7. They Place An Emphasis On Integrity

Successful real estate investors didn’t get to be where they are by demonstrating an inability to work. They are successful for one simple reason: hard work. They let their actions speak for themselves, and take pride in exercising integrity, no matter how small or big the task. Anything less is simply unacceptable. It is that integrity, however, that can take successful real estate investors from mere entrepreneurs to leaders with devoted followers.

8. They Are Good At Reading People

Proper conversations have as much to do with verbal communication as they do with non-verbal, or body language if you will. Having said that, the truly great real estate investors know how to read the tea-leaves. What someone says may not necessarily be what they mean, and unspoken communication is often more important than that of the spoken word. They note facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice in order to get what’s really going on. I personally attribute their ability to read people to a heightened sense of social awareness. In turn, they form stronger bonds with those around them.

9. They Value Potential

Successful real estate leaders are more inclined to appreciate potential, as they were not always in their current position. They likely started at the bottom and worked their way to the top. They understood the potential within themselves, and seized an opportunity to put it to use. There is no reason a good leader wouldn’t appreciate the same trait in others, especially on their own team.