Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Brand Visibility More Important Than Reputation?

Written by Than Merrill

Brand visibility is more critical to your real estate investing success than you realize!

Many real estate education courses now give advice on marketing in addition to the basics of how to do a deal but few really touch on the importance of branding.

Branding is key for generating inbound leads. Consumers are increasingly turned off by outbound advertising resulting in the biggest profits and largest share of deal volume often going to those who have simply managed to cultivate the most recognizable and visible brands and who serve up the right content at the right time, when home buyers and sellers are searching for it.

How much have you been doing to promote your real estate investing brand this month?

Think about your own shopping habits. Most people now completely ignore telemarketing calls and the blaring noise from display ads around town as well as the constant flow of junk mail and coupon books piling up in their mail boxes. So when it comes time to go out shopping most instinctively opt for the brand names that they recognize. Often they don’t remember why they remember the brand only that they remember that brand out of all the others on the shelf.

This applies equally to real estate as it does the super market.

Just think about how some of the biggest names in real estate brokerages have the worst, poorly undertrained and inexperienced agents, yet people turn to them with trust because they know the name.

So does the theory “no press is bad press” apply to real estate investing companies?

Perhaps not as much as it used to thanks to the internet, where once posted negative comments can haunt brands forever. However it is important to gain brand visibility and invest in a brand image and tools which are easily recognizable and remembered.

This means in addition to your regular marketing budget you ought to be setting aside a fund for bran building every month.

Some of these activities may produce immediate business, others perhaps not as much as other advertising options but they could certainly pay off much bigger in the long run.


  • Online reputation management through SEO and content marketing
  • Press releases
  • Article marketing in local print publications
  • Radio
  • Facebook CPM advertising