Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Building Your Dream Team

Written by Paul Esajian

While some entrepreneurs think they can jump into real estate investing and do everything by themselves, the bottom line is that you will find flipping real estate a lot easier and more profitable with a few key partners. We like to call this building your Dream Team!

If you have already begun actively real estate investing you no doubt already realize the importance of some of the key member you need for your own dream team.


This includes:

  • Mortgage brokers
  • Hard Money Lenders
  • Title Companies
  • Contractors
  • Insurance Agents
  • Atttorneys

However your real estate investing dream team shouldn’t just end there. Many real estate investors start out on their mission of flipping homes hating real estate agents and refusing to work with them. Though the reality is that finding the right Realtors to work with can provide a great source of additional real estate education and make your business of flipping houses go a lot smoother. You may even choose to get your own real estate license one day.

Your real estate investing dream team should also expand to include an array of other professionals and contractors as your grow your business. This includes other partners that you will need on a daily basis like home inspectors and appraisers though can also spread to many others who can help you improve the attractiveness of your properties and maximize your profits from deal. This can include home warranty companies, landscapers, business brokers and property managers.

Your dream team also covers some of the key people that you work with everyday that you can outsource work to without having to keep them as full time employees. This includes virtual assistants, freelancer writers, phone agents, Internet marketers and others. As you grow your real estate investing business keep a look out for others that can make beneficial members of your dream team and form a part of a powerful referral network.