Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

A Guide To Buying Rental Properties With Cash

Written by Paul Esajian

Key Takeaways

  • A cash offer in real estate takes place when a buyer is prepared to purchase a property with cash, in place of taking out a mortgage loan.
  • Investors who make cash offers enjoy several benefits, such as a more streamlined and fast closing process.
  • Paying cash for a rental property allows investors to retain most of their rental revenues as profit.

Buying houses with cash has remained a popular financial strategy for investors and homebuyers alike. Following the housing market crash of 2008, traditional mortgage requirements quickly became more stringent in an effort to lower the risk of defaulted loans across the nation. As a result, investors turned to all-cash payments to take advantage of the foreclosure and short sale properties on market. Perhaps because the benefits of making cash offers are significant, real estate cash deals still remain popular today.

What Is A Cash Offer In Real Estate?

In real estate, a cash offer means that a buyer has access to capital that allows them to purchase a property without having to take out a mortgage. When buying a property, investors have two main options to choose from: paying cash or taking out a mortgage. When financing, the buyer takes out a mortgage that must be paid back with interest over time. Cash buyers for homes, however, offer to purchase the property outright from the seller. Investors who make a practice of buying houses with cash tend to have access to personal capital or through a private or hard money lender. According to the National Association of Realtors, real estate cash deals represented 21 percent of all residential sales in 2017.

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Cash buyers for homes

Cash Offer Vs. Financing

One may wonder why some consumers show a preference for buying houses with cash over financing purchases with a mortgage loan. As it turns out, there are numerous advantages associated with cash only real estate deals that investors should carefully consider. For starters, sellers tend to favor a buyer who is able to make an all-cash offer, because it typically indicates a fast, more streamlined closing process that minimizes the need for negotiation, waiting and paperwork. These elements benefit the buyer as well; making a cash offer can help them jump on a great real estate deal swiftly while standing out from competing offers.

The financial advantages of paying cash for a home should also stand out as an incentive. Paying cash means that the payment of interest over time is eliminated. In addition, it helps buyers avoid the usual costs and fees associated with taking out a traditional mortgage, such as closing costs, fees and title insurance.

Furthermore, individuals buying a house with cash will enjoy eliminating some risks associated with taking out a mortgage loan, such as getting denied from a loan altogether, or defaulting on mortgage payments. When an investor purchases property with all cash, it means that they do not have to make the purchase contingent upon qualifying for a mortgage loan. Both the buyer and seller in this case can rest assured that the finances required for the real estate transactions have already been secured. Furthermore, if an investor were run into financial difficulty in the future, they already own the property outright, which serves as an asset rather than a liability. Because of these benefits, many investors choose to make cash offers over financing when purchasing property.

Advantages Of Paying Cash For Rental Property

The previous sections discussed the general advantages of buying properties with cash, but it is important to understand the unique set of advantages associated with different investment strategies. For example, there are several unique benefits of buying rental properties with cash, listed below. If you are interested in continuing your online education on the topic of buying houses with cash, be sure to visit this article.

  • Own the property free and clear
  • Eliminate the risk of foreclosure
  • Remove the need to pay a mortgage or interest
  • Ability to keep units vacant until good tenants are found
  • Capacity to keep a unit vacant for repairs if needed
  • Retain rental revenue as profit


A cash offer in real estate takes place when an individual opts to purchase property with cash, instead of taking out a mortgage loan to finance the deal. Cash offers are especially common for real estate investors, as it allows them to purchase properties free and clear of debt, thus freeing up potential revenue from mortgage commitments. Other advantages of paying cash for a home include a quicker, more streamlined closing process, which provides an incentive for sellers to select cash offers.

Individuals who make a practice of buying houses with cash get to avoid the downsides associated with a traditional mortgage loan, such as making mortgage payments, paying interest, or the risk of default. When considering these benefits, investors may find that making an all cash offer is a viable option to include in their financing toolkits.

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