David’s REO & Shortsale Bootcamp Review

Hi my name is David. I’m from Livermore, California. I just attended the REO and Short Sale boot camp from FortuneBuilders and I have to tell you, coming in I was skeptical. I thought that it was gonna be a little bit of content and a lot fluff, maybe a lot of selling and the content alone made this trip totally worthwhile but that’s not really for me what made it worthwhile. What made it worthwhile for me and for my wife Trisha, who is also my partner in business in this, is it really showed us that we can change the way we think about our goals and what we want to achieve in real estate. And we really thought here is we are looking for and what we can achieve, and it really showed us we should be looking here and we can achieve that. And it gave us not only the thinking about that but also the means to know that we could achieve it. We knew we could be successful and get to a certain level, but this really showed us how we can get to the next level and it is gonna give us the tools and access the to the people and the relationships to do it. And it’s really something that I really wish I would put in better words, but it’s been a transformational event for me.