Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Dealing with Spouses Who Sabotage Your Real Estate Investing Dreams

Written by Than Merrill

“Why can’t I get my hair done today?”, “Why don’t we have a car like that if you’re so smart?”…

“Sorry honey, if only you would have let me invest in that property last week!”

You know that you have to start investing in real estate in order to reach your financial goals and provide for your family for he future and you know how much better and easier life could be once you get going in real estate investing. Unfortunately, if your spouse or partner isn’t behind you, they are likely sabotaging your every effort. Delayed gratification, what is that?

Without their support getting started in real estate investing can be tough, never mind trying to say on top of your deals once you get in the mix. So what can you do to convert them?

1. Real Estate Education

Try to get them to read your real estate education materials with you. Buy them that new Kindle Fire or iPod if they will at least listen or read for a while. If that fails at least try getting them to watch a few house flipping shows on reality TV.

2. Give Them a Taste of the Real Estate Investing Lifestyle

Take them out to dinner at the fanciest restaurants with some other investors you know, take them to test drive their dream car and tour a few mansions or luxurious penthouses on the weekend. “All this could be yours, every day, if only…”

3. The Secret Agent Strategy

Can’t get them on-board without proving that your real estate investing ideas work? It’s time for some covert ops. Stay at work an hour later each evening, use your lunch break, hire someone to do the lawn and wash the car on the weekends so that you can work on your real estate investing business. Save up what you can on he side for incidental expenses and show them the profits of your first real estate investing deal. Even better than the money will be the “I told you so”. Even better, blow up a picture of your first check and make it the new centerpiece of your living room. They’ll never question your judgement again.