Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Online Versus Offline Real Estate Investing

Written by Paul Esajian

Some investors have contemplated the benefits of both online and offline real estate practices. Both have their advantages, but which is the better strategy for today’s market?

Is it better for real estate investors to ride the wave and stick to building an online real estate business, or is there still value in sticking to a bricks and mortar approach?

Online marketing and investing is considered the must, best, smartest, highest ROI, fastest, and only way to go by most standards today. Why approach it any other way?

There are some real estate investors, even newer ones, that have a hard time embracing technology and internet marketing. Most would consider this crowd doomed for failure, yet, that isn’t necessarily true.

Some may find small niches in which they can not only operate efficiently offline, but even more profitably. If the latter is true, then why not embrace it?

Of course, most will find an offline-only strategy as a short term real estate approach. If for no other reason, they ought to be embracing the internet and having an online presence for being seen as relevant and credible. An online presence can be critical to fending off the competition, diversity and maintaining volume.

At the same time, while the odds might be better, an online only real estate business strategy also has its share of risks. It means building your future and legacy on other peoples’ platforms, having to deal with the volatility and velocity of changing technology, and a lack of real relationships.

In reality, a blend of both is the wisest strategy for real estate investors. Anchoring advances in technology with a solid foundation of loyal real life referral partners can go a long way for anyone.