Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Pitchmen: How to Improve Your Sales Pitch in 120 Minutes or Less

Written by Than Merrill

Success in real estate investing has a lot to do with sales and being able to pitch effectively. So how can you improve your ability to pitch fast?

Whether it is through online ads, crafting effective direct mail letters, social media messages that engage conversations and get shared, slogans on billboards or presenting purchase offers or to potential private lenders to raise capital the better your pitch is, the more success and profit you will realize in real estate investing.

In fact, every single interaction and new connection is an opportunity to pitch and win for real estate investors today. So how can you improve your pitch quick?

6 ways to elevate your ability to pitch and close in less than 120 minutes:

1. Listen to Others Pitch [30 minutes]

Attend a local investors meeting where other entrepreneurs take turns pitching their business ideas. What are they doing that work and where are they horribly messing up?

2. Be More Likeable [5 minutes]

Being more likeable really doesn’t require reading endless books or getting a makeover. Just be more genuine and natural, be willing to be vulnerable and don’t forget to smile.

3. Practice [30 minutes]

Richard Branson’s advice on getting better at public speaking centers on practice. Make sure you practice your pitch before you walk out the door.

4. Get Feedback [30 minutes]

Your regular ‘elevator pitch’ should be able to convey your mission and spike interest in 60 seconds or less. Even a full initial presentation to new prospects should be delivered in 15 minutes. Try out a couple of dry runs and get feedback to hone it.

5. Know the Questions & Answers [20 minutes]

All too often real estate investing professionals get caught up in their own little worlds and what they think is great instead of putting themselves in the buyer, seller or lender’s shoes. Take some time to research or contemplate on what is most important to them, know the questions they will have and be ready with the answers.

6. Define Your USP [5 minutes]

Before you ever attempt to draft a pitch, add or tell someone about what you do you must define your Unique Selling Proposition. What will you do different and better than everyone else?