Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Real Estate Investing: Being Available 24/7 Versus Getting A Life

Written by Than Merrill

Do you really have to be on the job 24/7, or at least be available all the time, when it comes to real estate investing? Is there a point when working too much can actually become counterproductive? The key to optimal real estate investing is balancing your personal life with that of your investment life.

Many real estate investing professionals think that they have to make themselves available to answer emails and respond to leads 24/7 because the industry expects it. They tend to think that their level of success and income is directly correlated to the number of hours they put in each week, eliminating any possibility of experiencing a fulfilling life.

Twenty-four/seven services used to be a way to stand out from the competition and provide some investors with an advantage. Many real estate investing gurus have hammered students with the message that they can’t afford not to respond to prospects immediately.

Leads might stack up, new information may be made available and you might feel the compelling urge to jump on the Internet to check updates, but shouldn’t there be some form of moderation?

Taking time off is not simply about having a chance to relax, even though you should frequently take a moment to enjoy the spoils of real estate investing. A little balance can increase productivity when on the job, be essential for avoiding havoc in your personal life, and can even be profitable in itself.

Lost time is irretrievable, and the more wealth you net from real estate investments will do little to make up for the time you spent earning it. Whether it is spending quality time with parents, a spouse,or kids; you will regret letting those missed moments slip by if you don’t take a little time out.

Plus, time in recreation can be one of your most powerful profit centers. Lounging on the beach, eating out, going skiing, bowling, attending a basketball game, hitting the movies or going dancing are all incredible networking opportunities. Take the time to build relationships and encounter prospective new partners. Collaborating with them may fuel dormant inspiration and allow you to conquer the market in a whole new way.

Don’t let life pass you by or proceed to burn yourself out in a self-defeating dash to nowhere.  A balanced schedule can potentially allow you to achieve even more than you ever imagined.

This doesn’t have to mean letting anyone down, failing miserably at customer service or sacrificing income by any means. It simply means that missing a phone call or email is not the end of the world. Automate responses or use a virtual assistant to facilitate your investing business while you are enjoying life.  Doing so will prevent you from ever missing a moment and allow you to build wealth that lasts.