Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Real Estate Investing CEOs: Are You An Extraordinary Boss?

Written by Paul Esajian

Are you being an extraordinary real estate investing CEO and business owner, or are you struggling to find good help? More importantly, have you found your team members sabotaging your efforts? Each are a decisive factor when establishing a successful business model.

The fight for great talent in the real estate investing industry is heating up and will only continue to get hotter as the new boom era unfolds. The real estate investing firm that has the best talent will come out on top.

Attracting and retaining great team members is not just about salary, workplace culture, or stylish office space. It’s not even about a fancy mission statement. You have to be an extraordinary real estate investing CEO. How you market yourself will determine the people who want to work for you.

Think about it; millionaires are willing to grovel and play puppet to Donald “My twitter has become so powerful” Trump on TV. Who wouldn’t want to work directly under Warren Buffett or Richard Branson? Many successful investors will likely be willing to work for less if the opportunity is great enough.

Be a great leader and you’ll easily recruit the best talent for a relatively cheap asking price. Doing so will allow you to keep them while driving down HR and management expenses, and pushing profit margins up.

So what can you do to improve your perception and shine as an extraordinary boss?

  1. Admired leaders are inspiring, as in they inspire others, even if they aren’t billionaires yet.
  2. They have a great balance of warmth and competence. If you are new – makeup in real estate education and confidence what you lack in hands on experience.
  3. They are great at making decisions and cool under fire.
  4. Inc. Magazine says great bosses also value public praise and private criticism.
  5. They know how to make key staff feel connected.
  6. Offer real rewards, not bonuses where goal posts are constantly moved out of reach.