Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

How to Get Out of a Real Estate Investing Slump in 2 Weeks or Less

Written by Than Merrill

Even the most successful real estate investing superstars can fall into a slump now and again. Perhaps a kick in the backside in your persona life got you down, you lost out on the last couple of offers you made or you failed to implement systems and are feeling burnt out.

Don’t let that keep you down. Shake it off, there are amazing real estate investing opportunities just around the corner waiting for you!

6 steps to reboot your real estate investing mojo in two weeks or less…

1. Take a Minute

It’s OK to take a couple days out. In fact it is essential now and again for your long term real estate investing success. Getaway if you can. Find your inspiring destination whether it is on the beach in Miami or seeing all the wealth being accumulated and splurged in Silicon Valley.

2. Burn Your Wardrobe

Literally if you can and then treat yourself to some new threads that make you feel great whether that’s hoodies and jeans or $3,000 Italian suits and designer dresses.

3. Do Something Exhilarating

Do something wild that will boost your adrenaline, break through fears and make you feel alive again. Bungee jump, go surfing, skydiving or get out in the mud for some off-roading. (Note that Fortune Builders isn’t responsible for your personal safety when you make your choice)

4. Get Pumped

Get some exercise whether it is hitting the gym, going hiking or smashing a local Realtor in the racquet ball court. Load up on vitamins and healthy stuff to reenergize both your body and mind.

5. Revisit Your Goals

Don’t beat yourself up about what you haven’t accomplished yet. This is day 1. Recognize what needs to be fixed and implemented, lay out a new roadmap and don’t take your eyes off it.

6. Taste it

Before you hit the screens, streets and phone again take a day to taste the real estate investing success that is coming your way. Go test drive your dream car; make an appointment to walk through your dream home and black out the dates for your dream vacation in December.

Now stop slacking, no more excuses, get back to work!