Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Seller LeadTrac Identifies 800,000 Leads For Brokers and Agents

Written by JD Esajian

Housing inventory levels have made it increasingly difficult for perspective homeowners to acquire a property. Real estate brokers and agents are therefore subjected to the burdens of an inferior market, as their businesses are stuck in a period of stagnation. However, the recent development of a screening tool by RealtyTrac is attempting to alleviate some of the problems people are having with housing inventory shortages.

The screening tool, otherwise known as Seller LeadTrac, can potentially identify homeowners who might be willing to put their properties up for sale. Made available to those who are qualified members of the RealtyTrac Network, Seller LeadTrac screens and sorts millions of properties in a database that accounts for the following criteria:

  • Public record data
  • Tax record data
  • Distressed property data
  • Bankruptcy data
  • For-sale-listing data
  • Postal record data
  • An automated valuation model

Using the compiled data from each of these records, Seller LeadTrac has already identified approximately 800,000 properties that are likely to be placed on the market in the near future. Of those properties that have already been identified, nearly 50,000 have been provided as leads to those affiliated with the RealtyTrac Network. In addition, the remaining 750,000 properties have been reserved and are available to those who join the RealtyTrac Network.

“When you realize that these properties are owned by homeowners who have defaulted on their mortgages and are extremely motivated sellers you begin to understand the value of Seller LeadTrac,” RealtyTrac CEO Jamie Moyle said in a statement. “These homeowners need a solution. Most often they need to sell their home before the bank forecloses on it, which could dramatically impact their future ability to access credit of any kind.”

Gaining access to a powerful tool, such as this, can provide great leverage for anyone involved with the housing sector. Investors, real estate agents and brokers with this information could gain a significant advantage in their respective markets.