Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

The Single Best Gift Investors Can Give Their Kids

Written by Than Merrill

The hunt for holiday gifts is hot but what is the single best present those in real estate investing can give their children this year?

Parents across the country are hunting high and low for the perfect gifts. They are searching and stretching for something their kids will really love and that they will really get use out of. In fact, some parents will even get in tussles in the mall in order to pick up one of this year’s “must-have” toys.

However, the truth is that once the wrapping paper comes off most of those things will never see the light of day again. Cool new phones will become obsolete and go unanswered, video games will be completed in a few days and clothes will be grown out of.

So what will last? What can you give them that they may never forget and can impact lives positively forever? What could keep on enabling them to afford the newest toys and great toys for their kids?

Giving the gift of real estate education is priceless, and can be far more highly prized than most understand.

It could be a real estate education course or it could be a couple of days of quality time showing them what you do in real estate investing and building priceless memories.

Kids and especially teens are starting businesses younger than ever today and are making investments of their own. What good is it to be good at real estate investing if you don’t pass that education on?

Will you give a gift that keeps on giving and producing for them long after your inheritance is gone or will they be saying “my Dad was great at investing in real estate, and told me I should do it, but never taught me how”?

If they aren’t ready for that yet, what about investing in a property for them? You can walk it together each year, teach them the ins and outs of property management, and perhaps most importantly teach them about real estate cycles.

This doesn’t just apply to professional real estate investors either, others should be encouraged to buy investment property, whether homes or lots for their kids this season too.