Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Start Wholesaling Homes Because You Can’t Find a Job?

Written by Than Merrill

Should you get into flipping real estate if you can’t find a job anywhere else?

It has been surprising to see aspiring investors earnestly looking to break into real estate investing, and that haven’t been able to find other work being slammed in online real estate investing forums. After all, flipping houses is constantly promoted as the number 1 solution for making money fast with no money and credit to begin with, right?

So why are these aspiring real estate investors being slammed for their interest and is wholesaling homes a good option if you have no job or money right now?

One thing is for sure, and that is wholesaling is probably the best way for anyone in this situation to get started in real estate investing.

Can it really be done with zero money? Yes. However, it can certainly flow a lot easier and faster if you have a few bucks.

Part of the frustration being vented by established investors certainly comes from those that waited too long to start themselves or haven’t mastered the no money down gig themselves yet. However, some others may be frustrated at the free loaders trying to tap into the valuable real estate education that they heavily invest in for free. No one loves a cheapskate.

Still, if you have no job and no money, you certainly have nothing to lose. In fact you may be more passionate, more motivated, work harder at it and do far better than those that are putting you down.

However, do recognize real estate investing is not just a path for lazy people. It is a nice career for lazy people, but it can also take some hard work, and it’s a great path to evolve to even if you have a great job already.

Still, taking a part time job may be smart if you need to feed your family next week. Get some slack so that you can focus on developing your real estate education and then go at it hard and flip over to full time investing once it starts delivering the income you need.