Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Summer Travel Ideas For Real Estate Investors

Written by Paul Esajian

Summer is coming up fast, and it’s a great time to travel. So where might real estate investors want to take off to this year? Is there any place in particular that real estate investors can benefit from traveling to?

Spring brings a big rush for the real estate industry and by the time summer comes, a break can definitely be in order. Especially those with kids, summer can be the only time of year to get away for an extended period of time, and it can be an important way to teach them about the country and real estate too. Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to travel for longer periods of time without missing a beat in business. So what summer travel ideas might real estate investors want to embrace this year?

Take a Road Trip

Planes are fast and cheap, and exotic overseas destinations can be appealing, but so few real estate investors have explored much of the United States in person. So why not plan a good old fashioned road trip for a change? You never know what you might discover. You will likely find that a trip across the country can be very inspiring. By simply driving, you may be made aware of deals you never knew about. Have fun, but keep an eye open for deals that can help your career.

Follow the Google Fiber Map

Google has announced it will be rolling out its hyper fast internet, ‘Fiber,’ to 34 cities. These cities will certainly see increased business activity and could feel a significant spike in real estate demand and rising home values. So why not visit them and get boots on the ground to see what they are really like for investing and where the best deals are?

50 States Tour

It might be a little ambitious to try and hit all 50 states in a summer. It’s pretty ambitious to even try to hit them all in one year. Still, it’s a worthwhile goal and could do wonders for education. Both real estate investors and their kids can gain a lot from a tour of the nation. It can provide not only a world of insight into property in different areas, but how the mindset differs in different areas. A trip like this can create immense opportunities for making new contacts. Just 10 new contacts in each state would mean 500 new contacts on your list.

Look for One Way Deals

If budget is an issue, look for deals. There are often great one way deals on everything from flights to rental cars and RVs. There are also superior deals to be found on hotels and other accommodations by avoiding high season. This can also be the best time to hit home run bargains.

Visit the Places Your Mentors Live and Invest In

Every successful real estate investor is going to have a mentor or two. Why not travel to where they live and invest to get inside their heads and see why they have made the choices they have. This could lead you to Manhattan, Omaha, San Diego or even New Haven Connecticut.

Combine Your Travels with Other Passions

You may be consumed by real estate, but that doesn’t mean you have to neglect everything else you are passionate about. In fact, that would end up being really unhealthy in the long run. So why not combine your travels, real estate exploration and the other things you love. Hunt down the best food, tour vineyards, take in art galleries or flex your photography skills.