Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Unlocking Limitless Real Estate Investing Profits

Written by Than Merrill

What’s holding you back from realizing the type of real estate investing profits you see others achieving in the media?

Why are a few leading real estate pros doing billions of dollars in business every year, while the majority receive thousands a month?

What separates them, and what is holding you back from unlocking limitless real estate investing profits?

Excuses have been proven to be nonsense for the majority, as they simply don’t hold up anymore.

In many cases, it could certainly be about the level of investment made in real estate education or the strategy being used. For others, it’s just not putting in an equal amount of effort. For some, getting the right mindset for daily motivation is difficult.

All of the above can be learned, or made up for, by an aspiring investor with little experience. However, the most significant factor that differentiates the top performers in real estate investing from everyone else, and which will absolutely hold everyone back from achieving their full potential, is having an open mind and shooting big.

If you don’t believe it’s possible, or plan for it, the odds are it won’t happen.

Even relative newbies have been able to scale big at amazing speeds, just because they went for the gold, and believed they could make it happen.

Of course, you also have to aim your arrows in the right direction, or you’ll never hit the target.

For example, you can keep marketing to individual retail buyers for the houses you are flipping, or you can go after the really big fish.

For example, one Phoenix wholesaler adopted this strategy last year and ended up landing a deal with giant private equity firm Blackstone and a sizable overseas commercial firm to buy and manage $1.5 billion worth of distressed single family homes.

So if you’ve been one of those in the real estate investing industry complaining about competition or lacking time and money, maybe it is time you freed yourself from small thinking and came up with a strategy to guarantee profits.