Our Experts and Coaches

Alex And Kathy S.

Alex and Kathy started investing in real estate in 2009 when they purchased their first property to rehab. They invest in single family houses. They created their investment business in 2010 and have been in the business of buying, renovating, and selling rehabbed properties for over 5 years. Alex and Kathy joined FortuneBuilders as students in 2010 when they wanted to take their business to a new level by increasing the volume of deals. They became Coaches in 2012. Alex holds a BS degree. Prior to working in real estate investing, Alex was an advertising salesperson at several media/communications companies such as a local radio station, a cable television company, and most recently ClearChannel Outdoor Advertising. Kathy has a BS degree. She has worked for an advertising agency, a software development company (where she worked with Kevin O’Leary from TV’s “Shark Tank”), and most recently in the banking industry. Additionally, Kathy has held a real estate license since 2010 and is an active real estate agent. Alex and Kathy specialize in rehabbing single family houses but have done many other aspects of real estate investing such as short sale negotiation, private money lending, and most recently new construction. They currently manage a Mastery FaceBook page and run a FortuneBuilders Mastery Meet-up which meets once a month at different students’ projects for educational and networking purposes. They are also frequent speakers at their local REIA meetings and presenters on many FortuneBuilders’ case studies.

Ammon B.

Ammon began investing in real estate in 2002. Since 2005, as a coach and trainer, he’s also taught thousands of students how break into the business. It’s really a toss-up as to which he loves more – the investing, or the training. While the investing is much more profitable, his passion for training others led him to complete a degree in psychology. Having started with NO money or business experience, he loves helping others overcome the fear and challenges of starting a new business on an extreme budget. He is, and has been involved in rentals, lease options, wholesaling, rehabbing, and residential commercial (trailer parks and small apartment buildings) as well as lending. After joining FortuneBuilders in 2012 he’s helped students as a coach, content developer, virtual trainer, and has been voted “Crusher of the Month” by his peers and “Coach of the Year”. Ammon loves serving in his community and spending time with his wife and 5 children. He believes that financial freedom is within reach for anyone willing to learn, believe, and take action.

Amy M.

Amy has been an active real estate investor since 2012 and has bought, sold and owned over twentty million dollars in Real Estate over her investing career. Amy has completed deals in several states, and her successful real estate investment company, originated in 2012 when she joined FortuneBuilders. Prior to FB, Amy earned her BA in Supply Chain Management and her MBA in Operations Management. For 14 years, Ms. worked for Dell Incorporated where she became a highly recognized global leader with focus on Operations, Logistics and Purchasing Management. Her strengths include structuring joint venture agreements, delegating responsibility, outsourcing operations, raising private money, managing timelines and understanding how to effectively deal with ambiguity. Her high drive for results and optimistic can-do attitude is what motivates her on a daily basis. Her company is currently working on its 20th rehab and its 13th wholesale deal through its exclusive concierge service. Amy has given back to the FB community as a Mastery Coach and Marketing Systems Speaker. She has also obtained a 6 part series of House Hunters and Where Are They Now with HGTV.

Angela G.

Angela, a Mastery & Inner Circle Alumni since 2012, is a member of the FortuneBuilders’ webinar faculty. Along with her husband, she owns and operates a real estate investment business. Angela served in the United States Air Force for over 17 years, and has been investing both nationally and internationally since 2006. Angela knows the challenges and importance of organization when building a real estate business and working full time. With a BS in Psychology, MS in Human Resource Management and an enthusiastic energy that is contagious, Angela has proven to be a great asset in her company as well as in her coaching. Angela specializes in residential redevelopment of condos, single family and multi-unit properties while providing additional services such as sharing financial education to her clients. Their team also has extensive experience in subject-to and seller financing and their local Realtor network refers clients to them when they have a client in need of their services. They have also used private lenders and their own personal funds to purchase buy and hold rental properties stateside and internationally. They have put together an amazing team for marketing and rehabbing their business and they continue to grow every year. Her business operates in the several US and international locations, and it focusses on rehabs, rentals, and joint ventures with other experienced FortuneBuilders' students, coaches and investors.

Bill H.

Bill has been investing in real estate since joining the Mastery community in early 2013. He has participated in dozens of transactions since that time. He specializes in mid-level rehab projects but also does wholesaling, pre-habbing, private money lending as well as buy and holds. He has done many types of rehabs including REO’s, MLS deals, and commercial property. Prior to joining Mastery, Bill was in the IT industry, and ran several successful companies for over 20 years. Bill has been a coach, mentor and trainer for FortuneBuilders since 2014. He also runs a local meetup for Mastery students and teaches investing locally. He has done case studies and participated on the Mindset panel at the 2015 Ignite event in Las Vegas.

Bob R.

Bob has over 40 years of construction/building/rehabbing experience and has been a active real estate investor for 16 years. Bob has vast real estate experience in wholesaling, rehabbing, new construction and subject to’s. Bob was a FortuneBuilders Inner Circle Mastery graduate in 2011 and has been a coach for the program for several years. Bob assists with both new and experienced students and consistently generates high satisfaction rates from our existing and past Mastery student base. Bob earned a Mechanical Engineering degree and started his career in construction management with ALCOA in 1981. In 1993 Bob decided to start his own construction company and left ALCOA for the real estate field to be President of three real estate businesses. All three companies are currently dedicated to real estate investing full time. Bob has been the President of a homebuilders association twice and served as the state and national director. In addition, Bob was Chairman of Governmental Affairs and met with local and state government officials to lobby for home builders' concerns. Bob continues to participate in local government affairs as Chairman of a county construction appeals board.

Brandon L.

Brandon has been a real estate investor since he joined FortuneBuilders in 2012. Brandon is primarily focussed on non-MLS properties, short sales, and wholesale properties. Prior to real estate, Brandon spent 3 years traveling, speaking and training churches and non-profits internationally and across the US. On the side, Brandon is a prolific writer and several of his writings have been featured in various publications such as TIME, INC, BBC, and Mashable. He has also been featured on multiple entrepreneurial podcasts.

Bret A.

Bret has been a real estate Investor for 5 years, starting in 2010. He has done over 33 deals in 3 states. He started with Mastery in January 2011 and transitioned to Full Time Investing in mid 2012. He has been a coach since mid 2012 and loves to share his knowledge and experience with other investors. He has experience in small cities and large cities. Typically doing rehabs, he has been using creative financing to purchase and fund deals, has completed wholesale transactions, has bought short sales auction properties and REO’s, and has repaired properties to use as rentals. He is active with his local REIA and church and loves to spend time with family. He and his wife have 8 grandchildren that they try to see often and always spoil them. He has twice received recognition for completing a high level of weekly coaching calls and also received the prestigious “comeback kid” award after taking some time off to help family.

Carla & Victor P.

Victor and Carla began their real estate career as FortuneBuilders Mastery Students in 2010! Victor and Carla are currently the owners of a residential redevelopment company. They started out as wholesalers in an effort to build the capital to eventually rehab. They understand the challenge of working with no money! Victor and Carla are experienced in Wholesaling, Rehabbing, Dealing with Hard Money Lenders as a Newbie, raising private money, negotiating shortsales and HUD properties. They have a special interest in helping partners (especially couples) develop the departments of their business and overcoming the mental mind blocks such as fear so that they can move forward. Prior to investing in real estate, they served in the military for 22 years.

Cheryl O.

Cheryl has been an active real estate investor since 2007. She started investing by building her rental property portfolio before finding FortuneBuilders in 2013 and joining Inner Circle. Since joining FortuneBuilders, Cheryl and her family have done many fix and flips while building passive income with the addition of buy and hold properties and private money lending. Cheryl and her team are working to expand their portfolio with commercial properties. Prior to joining FortuneBuilders and establishing the family owned business, Cheryl spent 28 years in a corporate IT career. She is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Project Manager, skills which have been very useful in her business. She became a Mastery Coach in 2015 and has been a case study and 3 day seminar guest speaker for FortuneBuilders. Cheryl and a fellow coach have started a local networking group with the purpose of sharing resources and experience with other students.

Chris B.

Chris has been investing in real estate since 2001 and has become more active since 2009 working wholesale and short sale deals. He’s worked with distressed home owners gaining their trust and confidence to direct them to helpful resources and guide them through the short sale process. Chris has been learning and working alongside real estate professionals since 2009 and he’s been a student of FortuneBuilders since that timeframe. Chris started coaching in 2012 and continues to find deals through patience and persistence.

Chris M.

Christina has been in real estate since 1990, primarily acquire buy and hold properties. In 2002 she became a licensed real estate agent in California and New York. Since joining FortuneBuilders in 2012 she has expanded her transactions to include wholesales , renovations , and passive income acquisitions. In 2013 she joined the coaching team at FB, she has experienced marketing on a budget and is focused on monetizing her marketing leads. One of her joys in coaching is educating investors and agents to work together. Throughout her life she has participated in equestrian events, everything from playing polo to working on a Kentucky Derby winner. Chris and her husband Lane ( FB coach Schloeder ) and their daughter spend the majority of the year in Northern California and summers in NewYork.

Christy D.

Christy has been an active real estate investor since 2007. During that time, she has done multiple deals using numerous strategies such as rehabbing, wholesaling, lease options, and REO's. She holds passive income properties consisting of single family homes and the best kept secret mobile homes. She also has experience in the commercial side of the business investing in Mobile Home Parks. She has been with FortuneBuilders since 2011. Like many she thought the path to financial freedom was through a college education and received her Psychology degree. After college she bounced through corporate America until she attended her first real estate seminar and realized she was the only one who could control her future! From that point on she decided work was not an option and continued to keep a job until she was able to transition into real estate full time. Christy loves helping others and giving back. She is always educating others in her local community and helping those who thought they could never purchase a home get in a position to be able too. Her biggest passion is her husband and son. Real estate has allowed her the ability to be a full time stay at home mom and run a business

Cindy K.

Cindy has been an active real estate investor since 2012 and has done many real estate transactions that include short sales, REO’s, rehabs, buy and holds and private money lending. Coach Cindy is a graduate Mastery Student and has been a coach for FortuneBuilders since 2013. She obtained her real estate license in 2014, and currently holds a MSN in Healthcare Management and has been an RN since 1995 with most of her nursing career being in Management. Cindy is also a co-owner of two restaurants. One of them was built from scratch and has been up and running since 2007. The other was just purchased in 2014. She has mentored many people in Health Care Management as well as real estate investing. She has also had the privilege of traveling all over the US and many other countries for both work and pleasure.

Cody L.

Cody is a graduate of the FortuneBuilders Mastery program. Before embarking on this journey with FortuneBuilders, Cody was a wildlife biologist with no prior real estate knowledge. Within the first 6 months of joining Mastery, in 2010, he was able to quit his full time JOB to pursue a career as real estate investor. FortuneBuilders has given Cody and his family the education and tools they need to run their real estate investment business, where they focus primarily on Wholesales, Rehabs and Short Sales. Cody also started a hard money lending company in 2014. Cody has been a coach, speaker/trainer since 2011 and is passionate about traveling across the country sharing his knowledge with new students helping them achieve their goals in real estate. When Cody is not negotiating his next deal you can find him hunting, fishing or just enjoying the outdoors. Cody and wife run an elderly orphanage in Mexico, with their home church group.

Cory W.

Cory started investing in Real Estate in 2007 and has done numerous real estate transactions including short sales, renovations, wholesales, buy & holds, and retail deals. Cory has been a licensed Appraiser & Mortgage Broker and is a licensed Realtor in for over 10 years & owns his own Brokerage. Cory has been a coach and a Full Immersion speaker for FortuneBuilders since 2012 but started as a mastery student in 2008. Prior to working in Real Estate, Cory worked for the Arapahoe County Corners office as the Doctors assistant. Outside of FortuneBuilders, Cory has a family that inspires him to continue to grow his investment business, as they are his “Why”. Cory has also spent several years working on personal growth along with studying NLP for Business which allows him to teach his students how to have the self-confidence needed in order to build a successful business.

Craig B.

Craig has been an active real estate investor since 2004 and has done over 200 real estate transactions. Craig has used all types of buying, selling and holding strategies that include Manufactured home and land packages, wholesaling, rehabbing, subject-to, owner carry, lease options and rentals. Craig joined FortuneBuilders in 2011 and started coaching in 2015. Prior to real estate investing, Craig had a successful career in sales and marketing and credits that experience to countless successful closes. Craig also hosts a real estate investment club of 200 members and counting.

Dan M.

Dan is FortuneBuilders Mastery Graduate and a partner in a real estate investment business. In addition to being a real estate investor, he has been a licensed Realtor for over 8 years. He also has owned a successful business that provides Real Estate Photography and Virtual Tours services to Realtors, and he owned an IT Consulting firm that handles government contracts. Dan’s strengths come from his creativity and background in IT & Graphic Design. He utilizes his skill sets and talents to focus on the Marketing side of his real estate business. He loves technology, toys, shiny items and gadgets, and uses them to streamline as much of their business as he possible. He looks forward to sharing the knowledge he has gained in the Mastery training program that helped change his life and allow him enjoy life to the fullest!

Darlene S.

Darlene has been active real estate investor since 2008. She currently lives and actively invests in Canada. She has also expanded in the US by purchasing homes through the Passive Income Club. Darlene joined FB in 2008 being the first Canadian student and now 1st Canadian Mastery Coach. Darlene has a Business degree. Darlene’s main passion is rehabs, plus experience in commercial flipping business. Prior to real estate, Darlene spent 15 years in senior retail management. Darlene started the first REIO in Atlantic Canada in Moncton, NB. She also owned and operated 3 Special Care Homes for Mentally Ill patients and sold as a turnkey business. Member of Toastmasters, Darlene also coaches business owners to enhance their presentation skills. Darlene has a passion to teach and inspire others to achieve more. Darlene finds giving back to the community very rewarding and volunteers with many organizations. Darlene is Full Immersion trainer; facilitates the Canadian Live Virtual trainings; Mastery coach; Bootcamps Concierge Booth team member, and Rehab Bus Tour Leader. Fulfillment department creating Canadian content.

Darren H.

Darren is a FortuneBuilders Mastery Graduate and a partner in a residential redeveloment company with fellow FortuneBuilders Mastery coach. Darren has been working in real estate for the last 6 years, as both a licensed Realtor and as a Real Estate Investor, giving up his Corporate America job in Information Technology Consulting in 2012. He earned a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, and a Masters' of International Business. Darren has as passion for helping and teaching, and was able to start giving back to Mastery Students as a Mastery Coach; and then he was selected to join the Immersion Speaker Team in 2012 and has been on the road teaching Mastery Students ever since, teaching more than 1,600 students. Darren's current focus is to build his rental portfolio and continue to expand and grow as a Speaker and Facilitator, while running his businesses at home, focusing on raising private money, managing rentals, and managing the people and teams that make it all possible.

Dave A.

Dave is currently one of FortuneBuilders' premier Real Estate Coaches who understands what it takes to start and maintain a profitable Real Estate Investing business. Dave currently maintains a student base of more than 30 professionals on a weekly basis teaching and coaching the principles developed by FortuneBuilders. Dave’s in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry started in 2001 and has grown to a blossoming career. With more than 1,000 mortgage, traditional real estate and rehab transactions, Dave is happy to provide the “know how” and experience necessary to stay at the top of your game. Dave has the knowledge of how to properly motivate, teach, inspire and guide his students to sustain a rewarding career while working in real estate. His personal style of coaching is engaging, motivating and fun all at the same time. Many of his students are happy to share their personal breakthroughs and success stories with him and our incredible team of professionals. Dave currently possesses a real estate license, owns a real estate investing company, and also found coaching several years ago as a result of being professionally coached himself to elevate his businesses.

David B.

David has been involved in real estate since childhood having grown up in a family that rehabbilitated homes . He worked in construction and restaurants before attending college. He remained active in wholesaling during this period and returned full time to construction , development , land use and design in 1997. He has worked in residential and commercial real estate as a builder, investor, hard money lender and consultant . He continues to operate a company active in those arenas . His passion is helping others realize opportunities through becoming more knowledgeable, taking positive action, and being resilient.

Denise B.

Denise began her real estate investing journey in 2008 along side her business partner and husband. Joining FortuneBuilders in 2011 became a turning point for their Residential Redevelopment company. She is highly experienced in fix and flips, specifically REO's. Along with sharing in many of the responsibilities of the rehab projects, Denise focuses on marketing, acquisitions, raising private funds and hard money and coordinating closings. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, which helped her develop successful problem solving skills, logical/analytical thought processes, and an attention to the details. Denise runs the local FortuneBuilders Mastery group because of her passion for networking, team building and encouraging other investors to be successful.

Dennis C.

Known by many in the company as the Ol’ Dawg, Dennis has been with FortuneBuilders for most of their history. Having started investing in real estate over 40 years ago, he initially rehabbed a couple dozen homes in the late 1970’s part time, loved the business and went into commercial real estate full time. Being successful in commercial land development led him to helping and teaching others good business techniques. Currently, the Ol’Dawg is moving into semi-retirement but still owns and operates his Commercial Mortgage business, owns two other small businesses and does considerable real estate and small business consulting. Being personally involved in over one billion dollars of commercial transactions and having consulted on even more than that gives him a broad perspective. Dennis has been coaching and working with FortuneBuilders' students since 2009 and has personally worked with over 3,000 students. Additionally, Dennis has taught Economics and Business at the College/University level for 17 years and has started 11 small businesses outside of his real estate investing. His experience includes having been President of the Board of Trustees for a college, served on numerous community boards and foundations, is currently on the Planning Commission for his city, and has been actively involved with community Economic Development for over 30 years. He is competitive, loves sports, and is an accomplished woodworker. He is a man of faith and is currently helping build an $8M new church using many FortuneBuilders’ techniques.

Dennis H.

Dennis is a Certified Professional Performance Coach. Coach Dennis has been a licensed real estate agent for 16 years and has worked with investors for 12 years. Coach Dennis is a graduate Mastery Student and Inner Circle member. He has served as a managing broker in 2 offices and is on faculty of the nation’s largest real estate franchise. He and his team have done over $35 million in transactions as an agent and investor. Coach Dennis was named the Coaching “Rookie of the Year” for 2014 from FortuneBuilders and was also part of the Coaching Team of the Year in 2014. In 2015 he received, Most “Exceeded Expectations” in Student feedbacks.

Deslyn O.

Deslyn has been investing in real estate for the past 15 years, with an emphasis on rehabs and managing rentals. She and her husband joined the FortuneBuilders Mastery Program and became Inner Circle Members in 2012. They are both full-time real estate investors, and focus on rehabbing, joint ventures, and scrape-and-build projects. Deslyn is a licensed Realtor and has a BA in Interior Design. Deslyn's past experience includes 12 years at Hewlett-Packard Company delivering web-based computer documentation and owning a company that actively engaged in stock/futures trading. Her passion is re-designing real estate and helping people re-design their futures by seeing the possibilities.

Doug M.

Doug has been actively investing in real estate since 2011. He joined FortuneBuilders as a student in 2012 and a coach in 2015. Doug is currently a licensed real estate agent and holds a PhD in Chemistry. He has expertise in renovating single family homes and multi-family condo conversions, raising private money, leveraging creative marketing strategies, and working full time while growing a real estate business. Prior to being a real estate investor, Doug worked as a cancer biologist and currently helps run a Wealth Builders meetup group where he has been a presenter or facilitator in multiple case studies.

Dustin R.

Dustin has been an active real estate investor since 2003 and has done over 150 real estate transactions that include short sales, REO’s, rehabs, wholesales, commercial buy and holds and residential buy and holds. Dustin has been a coach with FortuneBuilders since 2013. Dustin specializes in residential buy and holds and property management for other real estate investors. Prior to real estate, Dustin spent 6 years in the banking business.

Eddie B.

Eddie has been an active real estate investor since 2009 and started out as a short sale negotiator and wholesaler. After joining Mastery in August 2012, he expanded his business to include rehabbing. Eddie has a Masters degree in Psychology and also became a licensed real estate agent in January 2015. His experience includes wholesaling, rehabbing, short sales, foreclosures, probate, turn key rentals, and raising private money. Prior to his career in real estate, Eddie worked as a professional counselor to help improve the lives of people with psychological disorders and addictions. Eddie has been a FortuneBuilders Mastery Coach since February of 2015. He has been featured on a case study with one of his rehabs and has assisted with Full Immersion property tours in his area.

Edward O.

Edward has been a mastery student since 2010 but has been investing in real estate since 2005. He has a BS degree in Physics with a minor in Mathematics, and is also a disabled American veteran. His company enjoys wholesaling, rehabbing and marketing properties but especially likes doing creative out of the box real estate transactions and solving problems that other real estate investors can’t. Edward has completed his real estate broker’s license in 2015 and now runs a property management company alongside his residential redevelopment company. He has a wife and two beautiful daughters that he loves and enjoys spending time with and places at the center of his life. He volunteers at his church and keeps his relationship with his Father Jesus Christ close to his heart.

Elisa S.

Elisa has been active in rehabbing properties since 2000 and has been involved in real estate transactions from the East coast to the West. She specializes in REO’s, short sales and auction properties. She has experience as a landlord, developer, property manager and as a mortgage broker. Elisa graduated from college and spent many years as a a small business owner with a background in marketing, negotiations and copywriting. Elisa joined FortuneBuilders at the start of 2012 and has enjoyed growing her business through Mastery. She currently oversees the development of the Mastery Curriculum and the live virtual trainings. She has spent the last few years teaching FortuneBuilders students throughout the U.S. and Canada and considers herself very blessed to be an Immersion Coach. In 2013, Elisa was a co-star on A&E's "Flipping San Diego" and appeared on six episodes of the show during its premier season. She is the proud single mom of a son who is a Future FortuneBuilder.

Erica M.

Erica is the co-owner of a real estate investment company and started her real estate career in 2007. In 2008 she made real estate investing her full time job. Erica became a part of FortuneBuilders in 2011. She has done numerous real estate transactions and her knowledge of real estate is in mobile homes/mobile home park investing, rehabbing, lease options, private money, rentals, REO’s and property management. Erica owns several passive income properties consisting of single family homes as well as mobile homes. She was fortunate enough to learn about the mobile home industries from one of her mentors Lonnie Scruggs. In 2012 Erica became co-owner of a property management company and is also a licensed property manager in charge. Erica attended college on a soccer scholarship. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. Prior to real estate investing Erica was an accomplished Interior Designer. She worked on large projects all over the country for Marriott Vacation Club, Bank of New York, IBM, and Eli Lilly.

Guy V.

Guy has been a Mastery Student and real estate investor since 2010, and a coach since 2012. He has an undergrad degree and a MBA. His experience includes rentals, residential redevelopment, wholesaling, and being a hard money lender. Prior to investing in real estate, Guy was a manager of a manufacturing company, a commercial banker and owned a small business. His breadth of experience allows for creative deal solutions and alos helps him accomplish his business goal of helping people move on with the rest of their life. As a coach, Guy can help students build a business and make the transition from working a full time job to being a full time real estate investor.

Guylaine P.

Guylaine has been an active real estate investor for over 25 years in Canada. She joined FortuneBuilders in 2012 as a Mastery Student and Inner Circle member. Guylaine joined our coaching team in early 2015 and has experience in rehabbing, raising private money, and rental properties. She enjoys motivating new students/couples in getting things done while keeping a good work/life balance. As a “Franco-Ontarienne”, Guylaine also gets to assist French speaking students if that is the language they prefer to be coached in.

Harry N.

Harry has been investing in real estate for over 15 years and has been a Real Estate Broker for the last 30 years. Harry owns and manages more than 35 residential tenants and 35 garage/storage units. Harry specializes in raw land, subdivisions, marketing and rental properties and loves to teach and mentor on each of these real estate niches. Harry has an awesome marketing phone number ,1-800-WILL-PAY, and truly believes that having a great phone number and domain name is very helpful for everyone's business. Harry is business partners with his wife, who is the company's CFO. Harry also has three children and has two incredible German Shepherds. Some activities that Harry enjoys include hunting ,saltwater fishing, volleyball and boating

Hector K.

Hector has been an active real estate investor since 2010 and has done over 70 projects including REOs, Short Sales, FSBO and wholesales. Hector has been able to manage this volume of projects with less than $2,000 spent in Marketing by following creative marketing and networking efforts. Hector has strong experience in creating value by adding square footage to the houses as well as to seek multiple offers and over asking price by carefully selecting high end touches not expected for the area. Prior to real estate investing Hector was part of the Executive Development Program at a Fortune 500 Company with over 26 direct reports and 3,200 people in his organization, in five countries. Hector has a Master's Degree in Marine Biology and an MBA with emphasis on Marketing and Finance.

Jacquellene T.

Jacquellene is a Professional Certified International Life and Business Coach. Over the past 15 years, she has had her own practice in the field of life and business coaching. Through these many years of research and experience, she has consulted companies, ranging from start-ups to already established companies, using proven structures and systems to take these companies from Good to Great. For over 20 years, Jacquellene has been active in the real estate field. Her vast experience in real estate investing ranges from rehabbing to new contruction on 1,500sqft to 15,000sqft custom homes to land development and improvement and preperation for builders. Her skills have enabled her to conduct property and contractor management, plan projects, landscape projects from hard-scape to soft-scape, and build great realationships with private money lenders and real estate agents and many other key team members needed to complete a deal. She also loves to share her great organizational skills, goal setting exercises that work, and her favorite negotiating techniques. Not only does she enable others to expand in the real estate world, but she also owns and manages rentals in U.S., Canada, Europe, Mexico and Costa Rica. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her kids, family and friends. She loves to travel, go to the beach, read and watch hockey. Jacquellene has been with FortuneBuilders since 2013 as a Mastery Systems Specialist. This has given her the ability and insight to go through the FortuneBuilders system and see how she could have done her real estate investing business transactions faster and easier, with less setbacks and more profitability. She enjoys being part of FortuneBuilders, because it allows her to be around like-minded people who have the same passion in fields of personal growth and professional excellence in the real estate world. Being plugged into an awesome proven system at FortuneBuilders allows her to grow her business and give back by coaching and guiding FortuneBuilders' students to achieve their goals with great success in building their business.

Jamie S.

​Jamie started investing in 2003 and has done Rehabs, Double Closings, Land Splits, New Construction, Notes, Pulling Power/Dropping Wells Subdivisions and Rentals. Jamie has been coaching for FortuneBuilders since 2015. Jamie has also worked for the local government as an election programmer in addition to owning a restaurant and a retail business. Her main passion is to make a positive difference to a tremendous amount of people and their lives by helping them attain their goals and reach their full potential.

Jeff L.

Jeff got started in real estate investing in 2010 after graduating from college and specializes in wholesale deals. He is also a licensed real estate broker in multiple states. Jeff joined FortuneBuilders in 2012 and is passionate about the marketing aspect of the business as well as helping other students find profitable deals. Prior to real estate, Jeff played college basketball and brings that same competitive and disciplined approach to the real estate industry. Jeff has done numerous case studies and webinars documenting some of his successful real estate transactions.

Jeff S.

Jeff is a Real Estate Business Coach/ Estate Manager/ Real Estate Investor with strong leadership and P&L experience. Jeff is a Coach and presenter who has delivered over 16,000 Professional Coaching Session to small Business owners, primarily in the Real Estate Industry. Jeff started flipping homes in Minneapolis in 1995. He has purchased, rehabbed and sold homes in 3 states. He has been a project manager of Multi-million dollar Luxury home projects and a property manager of over $100 million in Luxury properties. Jeff has experience with General Construction, Rehabbing, Wholesaling, Private Lending, Property Management, Real Estate Marketing systems.

Jim B.

Jim, along with his business partner and wife, began his real estate investing career in 2008, became a FortuneBuilder's student in 2011, and joined their coaching team in 2013. As owner of a residential redevelopment company, Jim specializes in all aspects of a rehab and possesses the ability to oversee multiple projects. He is highly experienced in REO fix and flip properties including scope of work development, repair cost estimation and budget analysis, as well as contractor coordination. Many years of being a contractor and a former career in the Civil Engineering field has prepared Jim to successfully handle these tasks. Extensive rehab knowledge and consistent attention to detail has contributed to him being recognized as a leading professional in his real estate investing community.

Jim H.

Jim has over 15 years real estate experience and has been an active investor since 2007. He was an MLS executive for over 5 years and a professional business coach to over 3000 real estate agents. Jim has also owned a home inspection and termite inspection business for 10 years. With his wife Kim, he has invested in non-performing single family properties in Northern California, multi-family properties in the Midwest and developed commercial property in 3rd World countries. His real estate investment business is focused on perfecting a home ownership growth path program to the vanishing middle class in America. Prior to FortuneBuilders, Jim was a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur. He has raised millions of dollars of investment funds and started, operated and successfully exited several technology and business information ventures. Jim applies his knowledge and experience to assist his students: develop a successful entrepreneur/investor mindset; select and implement appropriate business technologies and implement the FortuneBuilders’ business systems.

Joanna A.

JoAnna has been investing in real estate since joining FortuneBuilders in 2012, conducting business in two states. Graduating from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology prepared her for her former career of 14 years as a high school Biology teacher. Since transitioning into a fulltime career as a real estate redeveloper, she received her license as a real estate agent in 2012. JoAnna has experience with wholesaling, rehabbing, and raising private money. She presides over a local REIA, volunteers with Habitat for Humanity and serves on their Women’s Council, speaks at various high school career functions and FortuneBuilders 3 day events, and volunteers with various local homeless charity organizations. JoAnna has also facilitated a case study for FortuneBuilders on a historic renovation.

Joe B.

Joe is a full time real estate investor with over a decade of real estate experience. His areas of expertise include wholesaling, rehabbing, shortsale negotiation, REO's, and rentals. He holds a broker's license and Certified Distressed Property Expert - CDPE designation. Joe has been a member of FortuneBuilders since 2011 and has coached hundreds of students over the past several years. Prior to real estate Joe worked in a family construction business that began when he was only 9 years old. After graduating from college in 2000, he spent the next several years travelling abroad and freelancing (aka labor work). He is also a husband and proud father and enjoys anything that gets the blood flowing, working and playing hard!

John S.

John has been in real estate since 2012 and has been involved in over 100 real estate transactions. Before joining FortuneBuilders in 2014 he spent 2 years as a licensed mortgage loan originator working with retail buyers and partnering with San Diego rehab specialists. John has been assisting entrepreneurs successful start and run businesses in various industries for the past 5 years in San Diego and across the country. He understands the importance of systems in running a successful business and is passionate about helping students implement FortuneBuilders and CT Homes systems to start and grow their real estate investing business.

John S.

John joined Mastery in April of 2012 and began coaching in March of 2013. With a Computer Science degree, John had a software career where he founded several companies and brought several health care and document management products to market. Tiring of the software business in 2010, he pursued residential carpentry, the family business. The opportunity to join FortuneBuilders presented the intersection of systems and construction, capitalizing on work experience and a passion for “building things”. Coaching students is a very rewarding experience for John. As he tells students, being “an older fella” has value when working with contractors, raising private money and working with banking lenders, aspects of the business where we have been successful. John also facilitates a local FB student mastermind session that provides a forum for information sharing and experience sharing.

Jon G.

After taking a real estate class in college Jon became a believer. He hold real estate licenses in two states and focusses his efforts on commercial leasing and property management. Over twenty years ago, Jon and his business partner bought an undervalued property, hired a contractor, fixed it up and put it back on the market. It sold for a profit and that event started the path that lead to FortuneBuilders 20 years later. Jon left full time real estate in 1997 to run his family’s farm and commercial cattle operation but continued to be involved in real estate and rehabbing. In 2012 he and his family moved back to the west coast and began the rehabbing business full time. Jon and his wife have 7 children. When not working, he enjoys hunting, road biking, and whatever sports his kids are involved in.

Josh H.

Josh has been an active real estate investor since 2012 when he joined Mastery, focusing primarily on rehabbing, including basic remodels, additions and new builds. Josh has been in the real estate industry since 2008 when he joined his family’s property management business. In late 2012 Josh took over the property management business while launching his real estate investing business. In 2014 he sold his property management company to focus full time on the investing business. Prior to real estate Josh graduated from the Sheriff’s academy (but decided that wasn’t the field for him!), managed cellular retail stores and worked as an outside sales rep in the residential telecommunication field. In January of 2015, Josh and his business partner launched a local mastermind group for the Mastery community and they hold regular meetings. He began coaching for the Mastery program in April of 2015 and has facilitated 2 case studies for the Mastery community. If you are just starting out or a seasoned investor, Josh can help you with your business!

Josh I.

Joshua has been an active real estate investor for 9 years. Joshua purchased his first property when he was only 20 years old. In the last 3 years, he has flipped over 50 properties. Joshua has been a full time real estate investor for 3 years now and joined mastery in 2013. Joshua has an associate's degree in Computer and Electronic Technology and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. In his previous life, Joshua worked as a technician for a natural gas company and was making six figures in addition to having a company vehicle before he told his boss "I quit". Joshua is experienced in rehabbing, short sales, wholesaling, internet marketing, and became a licensed Realtor in 2015. Joshua also runs a residential real estate investment club.

Karen B.

Karen is President of a residential redevelopment company that within the first two years of Mastery has completed $2 million dollars in real estate transactions. Since joining FortuneBuilders, Karen and her husband and business partner founded mutiple companies, and they focus on rehabbing, out of state buy & holds, joint ventures with other Mastery alumni and private money lending. Karen and her husband, along with some additional Mastery alums, are co-founders of a real estate networking group. Karen led a 2015 National Case Study based on their company's renovation and was honored to have their first renovation which earned a gross profit of $115,291 be chosen as the FortuneBuilders "Deal of the Week". Previous to FortuneBuilders, Karen was an award winning sales, and marketing professional to Fortune 100 companies within the music, publishing, e-commerce, and digital media industries where she managed national accounts and high performance teams. In this capacity Karen worked for some of the most iconic companies in the music and publishing industries, sold to the world’s largest retailers, created sales and marketing strategies for some of the biggest names in the music and publishing, and hired and developed entry level staff into executive managers.

Kathi L.

Kathi has been an active real estate investor since 2013, which is the same year she joined FortuneBuilders and was in process of acquiring her real estate broker license. Kathi and her husband focus on private money lending and large, high end renovations. Kathi graduated from college and then went on to pursue a master’s degree. Before venturing into real estate investing, Kathi earned her CPA and spent over 20 years working in various Executive Finance and Accounting roles focused primarily in Health Care with large companies including Ernst & Young, Blue Shield of California and Kaiser Permanente. As part of this experience, Kathi also had accountability for leading several large projects one of which included the design and construction of a 50,000 square foot office building working closely with a local real estate developer that included rezoning land from agricultural to commercial and annexation from the County to the City.

Kristi & Terry T.

Terry and Kristi are currently full time investors. In addition, they own a construction company and are a wealth of knowledge in residential and commercial construction. Terry has been in the building industry for his whole life and is a carpenter by trade. He has successfully managed over 250 employees at one point and knows how to stick to a timeline to get things done on time. Kristi's experience in design and managing large scale renovations helps in selling their properties quick and at top dollar. They have completed projects that include new construction, historical renovations, cosmetic rehabs and full gut house renovations. In addition, they co-run a monthly local meet up group of other Mastery Students in their area. After joining FortuneBuilders in July 2013, they were able to go from being a technician in their business to a manager in a short period of time just by applying the systems that is given through FortuneBuilders. They realized that the Mastery program was an opportunity to get an education from the best in the business and they took full advantage of it! This program has allowed them to reach their goals much quicker by implementing FB systems into their own business.

Kristin B.

Kristin is a certified coach who has been in real estate since 2009. She started out in multi-family with leasing and property management, then went to work for a national new home builder, and finally did some residential appraisal work for a while before she came on with FortuneBuilders. She is a current student with the University of Phoenix and is getting her degree in Business with a concentration in Property Management. Prior to real estate her focus was in sales and marketing in different areas all over the US. She also currently has her own coaching practice which she is very passionate about. Working for FortuneBuilders now allows her to combine her love for both real estate and coaching.

Kristopher M.

Kris has been investing in real estate since 2010 and has been a FortuneBuilders team member since 2010, first as a student and currently as a coach. Kris is experienced in rehabbing, double closings, and raising private money. Kris has also owned rental property and has experience in property management. Kris graduated from college with a degree in Ed.M and B.S. In Kris's corporate experience, he has managed and led the building and running of teams, leading multimillion program execution efforts with cross functional and global impacts. Kris is also knowledgeable in six sigma and organization effectiveness strategies.

LaDonna S.

LaDonna got started in Real Estate in the Property Management field and spent 12 years managing and marketing apartment communities. While in Property Management, she spent a portion of her career recruiting and training new hires and used a lengthy interview process to put the right hire with the right job. She also specialized in multi-family, new construction ” lease ups”, essentially filling brand new vacant apartments to a high level occupancy in a short period of time for maximum income generation for the Developers. In 2003, she got her Real Estate license and started a sales and marketing company to exclusively work with Developers to market their condominium conversions, personally overseeing all aspects of the sales team, pricing, advertising and promotions. In that time frame, her Sales and Marketing Company participated in 800+ Real Estate transactions. She is now owns several companies and works feverishly to renovate single family homes. She has been involved as either a Realtor or Investor in over 250+ home flips.

Lance L.

Lance started investing in real estate in 1999 but was soon interrupted where family business called. Lance embarked in the 100 year old family business and throughout the years endeavored in multiple small businesses but was unable to shake the real estate bug. In 2013 Lance decided to pursue his passion for real estate, and soon after, his first wholesale deal was under contract. In 2014 Lance became a FortuneBuilder and is a managing partner of a company that specializes in Wholesaling, Rehabbing, Owner Financing, Subject To and Raising Private Money. He believes that as long as you take action, align yourself with a great team, and implement FortuneBuilders’ systems, you can accomplish all your real estate investment aspirations. Lance is a board member of a YMCA Achievers program, a nonprofit orginization that prepares teens for life after high school through civic engagement, community service and academic enhancement programs. When asked “why he become a FortuneBuilders Coach, Lance answered; “Coaching is not only an opportunity to encourage, learn and teach great systems, but most importantly a vehicle to give back and pass it on.

Lane S.

Lane started investing in real estate in 1990 with buy and holds. His company is currently doing business in two states and has real estate holdings in half a dozen states and lends on projects throughout the US. They have been involved with dozens of real estate transactions, including rehabs, wholesales, pre-habs, private money lending deals, owner finance, subject to, short sales, listings, 1031 exchange and rental property management. Lane joined FortuneBuilders as a student in 2012, and has been a coach and mentor for other investors for the last 2 ½ years. Prior to his real estate career, he built and still operates a Veterinary practice, specializing in race horses. Lane and his wife and business partner are parents of a wonderful 11 year old daughter, and they are involved with their community and church.

Leigh S.

Leigh is a Board Certified Coach (BCC) as well as a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). Her love of real estate began at an early age, growing up learning and helping run her family’s general contracting business. Today, Leigh and her husband are actively pursuing real estate investment opportunities through implementing the FortuneBuilders' systems. She holds a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in counseling. Her passion for helping others achieve their goals combined with her love of coaching and teaching has made her work with FortuneBuilders extremely rewarding.

Lilian C.

Lilian is a certified life coach, certified business coach and has been a licensed real estate agent for the past 10+years. Lilian started her business as a real estate investor in 2007. Lilian and her team have done wholesaling, rehabbing and private money lending. Prior to real estate, she previously worked in specialty senior management and corporate consulting. In the recent years Lilian has opened different small business ranging from coaching to an organic bakery. Creating and developing are some of Lilian’s passion in life. Lilian also serves as a board member for several businesses that are progressive ecofriendly, solar and sustainable. Lilian strives as a leader by guiding students with knowledge and determination. Lilian is an outstanding negotiator and marketer, and prides herself on the importance of repeat business and building a strong reputation. Today Lilian’s passion is helping students with the mastery program with their mindset, marketing skills, and negotiation skills so students are always ready to crush it!

Linda P.

Linda has been an active real estate investor since Dec 2012, completing over 20 deals in the first 3 years with her husband and 3 incredible children. Joining FortuneBuilders in Dec 2012 was her first exposure to the amazing world of real estate investing. She graduated from college with her Bachelors in Business Management and her Masters in Business Administration. She also obtained her Project Management Professional certification in 2005, has been a Dale Carnegie Trainer since 2013 and coach for FortuneBuilders since July 2015. She has completed several wholesales and rehabs in a very hot sellers’ market and is responsible for the marketing, networking and systems development within her business. Prior to real estate, she was in the Navy as an electronics technician, worked in contract manufacturing and was a Global IT Program Manager leading software development projects across the world. She leads a local real estate meetup with over 500 members growing her buyer’s list to over 1300. She is passionate about helping distressed homeowners and paying it forward to the FortuneBuilders community by being part of the crush it crew, camp leader, as a coach and now as an Immersion speaker. Crush it!

Lionel F.

Lionel started investing in real estate in 2005 where he began acquiring rental properties and eventually rehabbing. Lionel joined FortuneBuilders in 2012 and established his business correctly under the FortuneBuilders systems, tools and resources. Lionel’s specialties are Rehabbing, Wholesaling, Subject To, Owner Financing, Rentals, Raising Private Money and recently added Land Acquisitions to his acumen. His formal education consists of a Bachelors & Master’s. Additionally, Lionel holds the a Realtors License, General Contractors License and FAA Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics License/ FCC Communication License. Lionel served 20 years in the United States Army as a Helicopter Mechanic and Aviation Maintenance Officer with 3 tours in Iraq before his Real Estate Investing Career. In addition, Lionel is the President of a local AAU Non-Profit organization. Overall, Lionel has a passion for real estate Investing and helping others grow the real estate business, which led him to coach with FortuneBuilders.

Lionel F.

Lionel started investing in Real Estate in 2005 where he began acquiring rental properties and eventually rehabbing. Lionel joined FortuneBuilders in 2012 and established his business correctly using the FortuneBuilders systems, tools and resources. Lionel’s specialties are Rehabbing, Wholesaling, Subject To, Owner Financing, Rentals, Raising Private Money and recently added Land Acquisitions to his acumen. His formal education consists of a Bachelors & Master’s degree. Additionally, Lionel holds a Realtors License, General Contractors License and FAA Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics License/ FCC Communication License, which were acquired while serving in the United States Army. Lionel served 20 years in the United States Army as a Helicopter Mechanic and Aviation Maintenance Officer with 3 tours in Iraq before starting his Real Estate Investing Career. In addition, Lionel is the President of a local AAU Non-Profit organization. Overall, Lionel has a passion for Real Estate Investing and helping others grow the Real Estate business, which led him to become a coach with FortuneBuilders.

Malhar B.

Malhar has been an active real estate investor since 2008. Malhar and his team have completed over 125 real estate deals including REOs, wholesales, rehabs, new construction and in fill lot development. Malhar joined the Mastery program in 2010, and he has been a coach, mentor and trainer for FortuneBuilders since 2013. As a trainer and speaker with the Immersion Team, Malhar has helped students from all walks of life learn the ropes of real estate investing. Prior to real estate, Malhar worked as a computer science engineer, earning a degree with high honors. Malhar loves sharing what he has learned to help him achieve his goals. Over the years he has realized that success stems from a strong resolve and unwavering mindset, which are ideas he strives to impart upon all of his students.

Mark & Anne L.

Mark & Anne started investing in 2001. They joined Mastery in 2010 to be around other likeminded people who had a passion for life & business to get them reenergized after the real estate market collapsed of 2008. In 2012 they were invited to join the coaching program and transitioned to Inner Circle in early 2014. They are both real estate Brokers, own a property management business, a real estate training school, and 3 other businesses. In 2014 they wrote their first bestselling book and have 2 additional books that became best sellers. Before becoming full time investors – they were both in outside sales and transitioned over several years from corporate to being true business owners. They love impacting their students by helping students break down the FortuneBuilders systems into the next right step for them.

Mary A.

Mary has been an active real estate investor since 2013, which is the same year she joined FortuneBuilders and acquired her real estate license. She and her husband focus on private money lending and rehabs. Mary graduated from college and then went on to pursue a master’s degree at Northwestern University. Before venturing into real estate investing, Mary spent nearly 20 years working in PR, national accounts and marketing for the iconic beverage companies of Coors and Heineken. Mary also worked for a global provider of ski resort management technology, which fed her passion for skiing. Being the mother of twin teenage daughters provides daily experience with negotiating, trouble shooting and strategic team management.

Meadow R.

Meadow has been investing in real estate since 2006 in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Her first rehab and JV partnership with family in 2006 flipped a switch for how she looked at her financial future at the age of 26. From 2011-2014 Meadow closed 7 flips and 3 wholesales, becoming a mastery student in 2011, then coach. A certified coach by trade, Meadow spends a large portion of her time coaching entrepreneurs to work less and love their work more. Specializing in rehabs, wholesales, marketing, systems, time and self-management. Meadow’s first business was a hair salon start-up that was developed and sold for a profit by her 33rd birthday. A competitive swimmer for many years, imprinted a pattern of discipline that was rewarded with the joy of results for a kid who outside of the pool had very little. Not just talking the talk but walking the walk herself each day, in business and living a life of fulfillment.

Michael Angelo L.

Michael has been a serial-entrepreneur and real estate investor since 2009. Michael joined FortuneBuilders in 2014, and proudly devotes his time as an Inner Circle Advisor. Since the age of 19, Michael has started and grown 3 companies throughout his entrepreneurial career, one of which is his real estate investment company, where he's been involved in a couple dozen transactions ranging from single-family wholesales, rehabs, and commercial real estate. A creature of learning and growth, Michael achieved his Bachelors Degree in Business and will posses an MBA in the future. With a wide range of business development experience, Michael has helped start, grown, and sustain over 140 small businesses in several sectors, as a business coach, with Real Estate Investing companies being the majority. He as an active member of the community and always seeks for opportunities to give back and volunteer his time to non-profit organizations and charities.

Michael B.

Michael has been investing in real estate since joining Mastery in 2010. He has since completed many high-priced wholesale and rehab deals, leveraging multiple forms of creative financing. He specializes in rehabbing, wholesaling, private money and short sales as well as online marketing and remote investing. Prior to joining Mastery, Michael was an I.T. expert in Washington DC and then a geographer, pursuing doctoral studies, publishing research and teaching at the university level. Also, Michael, as a 3-time cancer survivor, is an extremely hard worker and fighter.

Michael G.

Michael has been an active Real Estate Investor since 2006 and has done many fix and flips with a few buy and holds. Michael has invested in several markets throughout the US. Although investing since 2006, Michael made it official by starting his own company when joining as a FortuneBuilders mastery student in Dec. of 2012. Michael actively pursues rehabs, and has experience in creative financing and private lending. Prior to joining FortuneBuilders, Michael worked several jobs, including a position as a civilian contractor for the Dept. of Defense Commissary Agency. As a coach, Michael feels he can connect well with students who aren’t able to do this full time, take care of a family while living in an active military home, and finding ways to be successful when resources are limited.

Michael P.

Michael is a business coach who has been working with clients since 2011. Michael also has a long history in the real estate field, having worked in the mortgage industry as a loan processor, closer and underwriter along with obtaining his real estate license in 2010. As the Elevator Pitch Doctor, Michael coached real estate professionals by helping them identify their unique value proposition, target their ideal clients and develop their marketing message and strategies. As someone who has owned multiple homes and worked professionally as a handyman, Michael has a passion for all things real estate. Michael’s intention in all his endeavors is to improve the lives of others, and he loves the opportunities FortuneBuilders provides to help people CRUSH IT and live an awesome life!

Nikki S.

​Nikki is a knowledgeable life and business coach. She relishes in leading workshops, group training, and one-on-one coaching. She helps her clients craft goals, push past fear based limitations, and create an expansive mindset. Nikki is a high energy coach who thrives on connection with her students. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Psychology, Sociology, Education), a Master’s degree in Leadership Development, and will attain a PhD in Clinical Psychology in the near future. Her favorite part of real estate is the rehab process where she can use her creative skills to build a beautiful home for someone else. She truly believes in the FortuneBuilders systems and loves witnessing her students CRUSH IT while making their dreams come true!

Pam R.

Pam is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation and has been investing in real estate since she purchased her first rental property as a teenager to help finance college. Her family has been active in real estate investing since her early childhood, so she can’t really remember what she did before real estate investing. She joined FortuneBuilders in 2013 to learn the systems used by CT Homes for “flipping” property. Prior to FortuneBuilders, Pam worked in human resource management, business management, accounting and finance, in addition to helping run the family real estate business. She holds a BBA in Human Resource Management and has a PCC in Integral Coaching. Her biggest passion in life, besides her family, is helping others achieve their goals.

Patrick J.

Patrick is our Senior Inner Circle Advisor at FortuneBuilders and played a critical role in the development and expansion of the support system we provide to the Inner Circle students today. His vast real estate experience covers over 40 years in multiple states and includes rehabbing both single family residences and large apartment complexes. His knowledge of the rental market, landlord relations and economic trends makes him even more valuable to our team. Patrick is the “Go To Guy” in our system of support because of his tremendous working knowledge of the real estate industry garnered from hands on experience in the field and can be counted on to help inner circle students solve challenges with their deals and business. Patrick is a lifelong learner and was a teacher/administrator in our public school system for over 30 years. He joined the mastery program as a student and became a Mastery Coach in 2012. He has an active Real Estate investment Business currently active in multiple states. He can be relied upon to help guide you through your personal development in your new real estate investing career with a patient and caring approach.

Paul R.

Paul has been an active real estate agent, broker and investor since 1983. His experience has included residential and commercial sales, leasing, property management, appraisal, construction and development. He has been involved in raising funds for commercial and residential developments, along with creating investment partnerships and trusts. After owning and managing a brokerage office with 20+ agents, he began an international sales, marketing and management real estate company focused on vacation properties and rentals. His tenure in real estate has included residential appraisals and inspections for corporate, financial and individual clients, as well. Paul has been with FortuneBuilders since May, 2013 as a student and then becoming a coach and mentor. His coaching has not been limited to real estate with managing and coaching Fast Pitch Girl’s softball, Little League and Babe Ruth League Baseball, along with Upward Basketball. Paul’s tenure in real estate has provided him with knowledge and wisdom that he shares with fellow colleagues, students and partners. “When you help someone grow their business, they are helping you grow yours.”

Radovan S.

Radovan has been in the Real Estate Business for over 9 years and 7 years full time. He has bought and sold over 65 properties in the last few years of which many were rental properties, wholesale deals, short sales and rehabs. Radovan excels in marketing, generating leads and negotiating. He specializes in wholesaling and rehabbing but at the same time he manages his rental portfolio. The rehabbing includes properties with health orders and former grow-ops. Radovan’s passion for real estate will motivate students and his story proves that anyone can do it.

Rae M.

Rae is an award-winning, certified business coach and best-selling author. She has 15 years of real estate experience, as a realtor, senior mortgage consultant and real estate investor. With over 10 years of coaching experience, Rae has successfully helped her clients achieve their business goals while creating a juicy, passionate life on their terms. Rae graduated with honors with her degree in Counseling Psychology and has received certification and mentorship from some of the best business leaders in the U.S. – from Brian Buffini, Tony Robbins and John Assaraf to Chet Holmes (who was responsible for doubling seven divisions of Warren Buffet’s partner Charlie Munger). It is no wonder why her clients get RESULTS. As a corporate trainer, Rae has trained some of the top leaders of Fortune 100 companies such as Microsoft, T-Mobile and Wells Fargo, just to name a few. Her commitment is to help entrepreneurs create “real” businesses that are both scalable and saleable!

Raechel C.

​Raechel was a previous Mastery student and has been an avid fan of FortuneBuilders. Raechel has started her own real estate investing business with a partner. ​Although they are still getting their feet wet to the process they are excited about their future with FortuneBuilders. After Raechel joined  FortuneBuilders as a Mastery student, she wanted to continue a career as a business coach. She has a great passion for helping other achieve their dreams, and strongly believes that real estate will help get you there.

Robert M.

Rob is a real estate business coach and inner circle advisor. His 15 + years of real estate experience along with strong leadership and real life experience make him a great investor as well as coach.. Rob has completed over 5,000 professional coaching sessions to small real estate business owners. Rob started flipping homes in 2007. He has purchased, rehabbed and sold many homes over the years. Rob's experience with General Construction,Contractors, Rehabbing, Wholesaling, Private Lending, Property Management, Real Estate Marketing systems makes him an invaluable asset, coach and investor. In his limited down time Rob enjoys travel and restoring vintage autos.

Robin G.

Robin has been investing in real estate since 2010. She has rehabbed more than 30 single-family homes and 265 multi-family units. Her business includes rehabbing, private financing, tax liens and multi-family housing. Robin had already begun a rehabbing homes when she met Paul Esajian at a local REIA meeting, she immediately recognized how much the FortuneBuilders team had to offer and how they could help her build her business both faster and better! Robin holds a BA in International Relations and a Masters in Art History. Robin worked on Wall Street in fixed income sales and trading before taking time off to raise a family. Robin won the FortuneBuilder’s 2014 award for largest deal of the year.

Robynne A.

Robynne has been an active real estate investor since 1992 and has done many fix/flips and fix/holds. Robynne currently invests in Southern California and throughout New England. She has been an active Realtor (since 2002) and holds a Broker’s License. She is CCIM* educated and helps people in both the residential and commercial sectors. Robynne is a Certified Negotiation Expert and a Certified Mentor. Additionally she owns and runs a property management company. Prior to her real estate career, she was in the electrical engineering field for 22 years and moved into international product marketing and sales during her last 8 years in that industry. She absolutely loves sharing her knowledge and experience to help others achieve their goals and dreams. *The CCIM education is an intensive and in-depth five year curriculum of study. A CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) is a recognized expert in the commercial and investment real estate industry.

Ryan S.

Ryan is a graduate of the FortuneBuilders mastery program. He's also a Coach and Full Immersion Speaker. Coach Ryan has been involved in real estate for five years. He earned his real estate license at the age of 18 and began investing by the age of 20. He has completed multiple real estate transactions that include wholesales, rehabs, short sales, commercial buy and holds, and private money lending. Prior to Mastery, Ryan was earning a managerial economics degree at a prestigious college before finding Than, Paul, Konrad and the rest of the family. He joined at the three day event in 2013 and never looked back. He has been fortunate to have found his passions early in life, and looks forward to sharing his experiences and powerful message.

Ryan W.

Ryan has been an active real estate investor since 2006 and has done over 300 real estate transactions that include short sales, REO’s, rehabs, wholesales, buy and holds and private money lending. Ryan has been a licensed real estate agent since 2003. Ryan has been a coach for FortuneBuilders since 2014. Prior to real estate investing, Ryan graduated from college, and made the leap from college straight to Real Estate. He previously did own a small but successful wrought iron painting company. He also loves sports and was able to coach high school baseball as an assistant for 5 years while working in Real Estate. Currently he is a board member for the a Special Business District.

Sandy R.

Sandy has been an active real estate investor since 2007, utilizing many different strategies to grow her business including wholesaling, lease options, subject to’s, rehabbing, rentals, as well as being a private lender. She joined mastery in 2010 and has been a coach since 2012. Additionally she is one of the email support coaches answering student’s Real Estate related questions and has been recognized by FortuneBuilders on several occasions for her dedication. Sandy graduated from college with a B.S. in Education. She also pursued a MBA in Human Resources and achieved her SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) certification. She is also a certified Life, Health and Law of Attraction Coach. Prior to venturing into the real estate investment arena, Sandy spent 20 years in Human Resources Management.

Sayam I.

Sayam has been investing in real estate since 2009. It wasn’t until he became a member of FortuneBuilders in 2013 that he decided to take on real estate full time. Currently, Sayam is actively investing in multiple markets. He is also a licensed real estate agent. Sayam has completed numerous transactions including subject-to financing, wholesaling, fix and flip rehabbing both locally and remotely, buy and hold rentals and short sales. Prior to real estate investing, Sayam worked in the finance industry including investment banking and sub-prime auto financing. He also holds a bachelor’s degree.

Scot S.

Scot has been an active real estate investor since 1992 and has competed hundreds of real estate transactions including rehabs, wholesale deals, land development deals and custom home construction projects. He has also been a licensed Real Estate Broker since 2012. Scot was a student in the very first Mastery Program. He became a coach for FortuneBuilders in 2008, and a Full Immersion Speaker in 2010. He has had the privilege of personally working with over 2000 mastery students since becoming a coach in 2010.

Sean K.

Sean is the founder and managing partner of a commercial and residential development company. He started investing in 2009 and is currently redeveloping property across the western US. owns numerous income properties and has spearheaded over 60 deals ranging from value-add renovations to new construction. Sean is also a speaker, coach, and private money lender with over ten years of marketing and advertising experience from his time working in media sales at Microsoft and EA Sports. Sean graduated from business school with concentrations in Marketing, Sales, and Information Systems.

Season D.

Season's background includes two undergraduate degrees as well as a Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work. Her real estate experience began ten years ago with her husband, when they invested in their first rehab/rental property as a means of securing their financial future. As they say “The rest is history.” Together Season and her husband have built a successful business specializing in Rehabbing. She is a Licensed Real Estate Agent as well as a Therapist and considers herself a specialist in business management. Season loves to educate and guide individuals on their journey towards work-life balance. FortuneBuilders has given her the great opportunity of being able to give back by reaching out to others in order to share her knowledge and experience. Season looks forward to making connections and continuing on this great journey.

Shane H.

Shane has been investing in real estate since 2008. Shane saw his career really take-off after joining Mastery in January of 2013. In 2015 Shane joined the elite FB coaching staff as a Full Immersion Coach. Shane has experience with single family rehabs, REO’s, 4-unit commercial condo conversions, and wholesaling. Shane is also very active in the local REIA groups and has helped to form a local FortuneBuilder’s member sub-group. Before getting into real estate full-time, Shane completed four yeas of electrical apprenticeship and is a certified journeyman and master electrician, and certified to work on electric up to 15,000 volts. Shane traveled all over the mid-west managing large electrical construction contracts totaling over $75 million dollars. Shane is active and volunteers with his local church and has perviously volunteered at a children’s hospital on the weekends. Shane is excited continue his coaching and strives to help others in every way possible!

Shawn T.

Shawn is a general contractor with over eighteen years of experience in the construction industry. Specializes in renovating super distressed properties. Has built homes and condos from the ground up. He is also a Inner Circle Advisor. He owns and operates a real estate investing company, a construction company,and a property management business. Shawn and his girlfriend Erin have built a nice portfolio of passive income with larger mutli family building as well as commercial properties. Shawn also has a strong focus on personal growth, with a goal to achive profesional status as a Ironman Triathlete. With 10 years of serivce in the Marine Corps, running multiple companys and training at a high level for his races, he can help you fully understand the importance of time managment, time blocking, setting and achieving goals.

Shlomo B.

Shlomo is a successful FortuneBuilders Mastery Program graduate and one of the founders and partners of a real estate company. Since 2010, his company has focused on rehabbing, with a strong second emphasis on wholesaling single family houses. Coming from a background of sales and marketing, as well as teaching, Shlomo has a strong passion for helping people improve their lives and is always on the move to improve himself as an individual, husband, father and entrepreneur. As a coach, he takes from his own experience starting out to help student with challenges like “paralysis by (OVER) analysis”, “procrastination” and that chronic feeling of “I’m not quite ready to take that next step yet”. Not many of his real estate associates know this about him but he’s also been a professional fire, knife & Axe juggler for 14 years (shhhh…don’t let him know that I told you that).

Sonya S.

Sonya has been a licensed Realtor since 1995. She was/is licensed in State(s) of UT, WY, CA and TX. She owned and operated a Re/Max brokerage in UT for 15 years.Sonya created one of the first RE teams and they together successfully took numerous State/National awards in closed transcations in a pop. of 25k people. Giving back to the community has always been very important to her. She and her created city festivals, after school programs and numerous other charitable groups where they gave both of their time and financially. During the Short Sale years she and her partner built a system across the US where they negotiated/closed on hundreds of short sales. She invested/invests in the states of NM, WY, TX, AZ, CA..She has/still works with numerous clients building their passive income portfolios while building her own through her Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Businesses. Prior to her continued career in Real Estate, Sonya has a background as County Deputy Recorder. COO in Banking, City Economic Development and Executive Director for a Business Improvement District.

Speros V.

Speros has been a real estate broker since 1996 and an active real estate investor since 1997 in the residential, rental, commercial and fix and flip models of the industry. In 2001 he earned his brokers license and has been running his own own boutique brokerage in both locations since 2004. One of Speros' biggest strengths is his experience as he can pull from almost 20 years of knowledge and expertise in all types of real estate transactions that include wholesales, REO’s, government owned properties, rehabs, short sales, commercial, buy and holds and private money lending. Blessed with a wonderful family, he utilizes his RE lifestyle and splits time in different locations throughout the US. Speros joined the Mastery program in January of 2010 so that he could learn the NEW real estate business model, after the devastating housing bubble crash of 2008-2011. Since early 2012 he has given back to the FB community as a coach, speaker, trainer and now a team leader with FortuneBuilders and is a huge proponent of networking and the incredible value that this industry brings to that. Since 2012 Speros has created and run networking groups in 4 states as well as spoken on a multitude of issues and information across the country. He is currently working on his National Speaking Affiliation as he continues to push his limits to share his knowledge and experience with others.

Steve S.

Steve has been investing in real estate since 2007. He started his real estate investing career with a buy, rehab, and rent for cashflow business model all while maintaining a full time career as an IT professional. In 2011 Steve joined the Mastery program as an Inner Circle student and exploded his real estate business. After leaving his IT career in 2012 to focus on his real estate business, Steve began coaching for FortuneBuilders as a way to give back to the Mastery community. He has been part of the elite Full Immersion Team of trainers and speakers traveling the country welcoming, teaching, and coaching new Mastery students as they start their journey in our Mastery community since 2012. Steve has a Bachelor of Science degree in Interactive Media Design, has been a licensed Realtor since 2011, is a musician, and certified firearms instructor. A serial entrepreneur since he was a kid, Steve started his very first business flipping skateboards at 12 years old and has owned and operated a variety businesses ever since. Currently, in addition to buy and hold investing, rehabbing, wholesaling, and hard money lending Steve also owns a highly successful Internet business.

Suzanne L.

​Suzzane has coached, educated and inspired 100’s of real estate investors through the successes and challenges of wholesaling and rehabbing and has helped people realize their potential, overcome their obstacles, and attain their goals. She started a for profit business and non-profit business and she looks forward to investing in you as others have invested in her.

Tammy M.

Tammy began investing in real estate in 2008 and has done countless transactions that include auction properties, foreclosures, REO’s, rehabs, wholesales, and private money lending. Tammy joined FortuneBuilders in 2014 and got her Real Estate agent license in 2015. Prior to her real estate career, Tammy was an Electrical Engineer and a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) for 15 years working for Fortune 500 companies such as Intel, Motorola, Siemens, and Office Depot. She later focused on strategy and process implementation, helping large corporate clients such as ADT security realign portfolios after their Tyco divestiture. Tammy and her husband absolutely love sharing their knowledge and experience to help others, and they love to give back to their community and church. They volunteer and serve on the development board with a foundation that helps provide hope for at risk youth, and also with an organization that helps orphans . Tammy was a trainer/speaker at the 2015 Real Estate Ignite event in Las Vegas and Tammy also did the Tuesday Case Study training where she went through the first two deals she ever did as a Mastery Student wholesaling for the first time!

Tim R.

Tim is a successful FortuneBuilders Mastery graduate, the co-founder of a successful real estate company., and a licensed real estate agent. Tim started investing in 2009, he has owned and managed multi-unit properties rentals, and he specializes in single family rehabs, wholesaling, mobile home investing and short sale deals. He also has firsthand experience in raising private money though the use of Self-directed IRAs. Tim has been coaching with FortuneBuilders since 2012. He holds a college degree, and prior to getting involved in real estate, Tim worked in the corporate world as a team lead at General Motors.

William S.

William has been in the FortuneBuilders Mastery Program since 2009. He has been an active investor since 1980 and has a multi-million dollar portfolio in real estate assets. He also owns and manages a residential and commercial real estate office, a mortgage brokerage firm, and he supervises a property management division. His previous experience includes posts as a NASD registered principal for a securities firm, CFO of a real estate syndication firm, manager of a vegetable farm in Saudi Arabia and teacher at the secondary level. He is a college graduate, holds a life teaching credential, is an active investor, is a registered tax preparer, and is registered with the National Mortgage Licensing Service.