What is FortuneBuilders?

FortuneBuilders is the premier real estate education company in the country. Founded by nationally recognized real estate investors, we have developed the systems, tools, educational platform and coaching program to accelerate new and existing real estate investor businesses.

FortuneBuilders was the result of a convergence of three passions; Real Estate, Entrepreneurship and Coaching. As successful investors we discovered the freedom and lifestyle these passions afforded us. FortuneBuilders is our vehicle to share, teach and inspire investors everywhere. In 2004, Than Merrill, Konrad Sopielnikow, Paul Esajian and JD Esajian started CT Homes, their first residential real estate investment business. Since then they have also started a second commercial real estate investment business Equity Street Capital. The systems and processes they created to scale quickly, maximize profits and reduce risk lead to their rapid success. These systems became the foundation for the FortuneBuilders educational platform and coaching program.

FortuneBuilders offers the most advanced and comprehensive investing education. Our flagship program, Mastery Coaching, is a one-on-one coaching program that provides students with all the tools, resources, knowledge and systems necessary to accelerate their business and reduce risk.

Our Founders & Real Estate Experience

The founders of FortuneBuilders have invested over $1billion dollars in residential and commercial real estate. They have acquired over 1,000 properties and currently manage between 25 to 40 ongoing real estate projects at a time. The founders have also been coaching other real estate investors around the country for over a decade.

The FortuneBuilders Family

At FortuneBuilders, we are a family of 'A' players, of entrepreneurial individuals who continually strive to improve the company, ourselves, our lives, our community and the lives of others. We are passionate about what we do and have cultivated a culture of inspiring each other and embracing common goals. We also try to have some fun once in a while.

Giving Back

One of the guiding principles at FortuneBuilders is giving back. Our company has a culture where personal growth and improvement is as important as professional growth. Volunteering and getting involved with charitable efforts is a key component to that belief.

FortuneBuilders Gives

FortuneBuilders Gives is our initiative to create and foster opportunities for our team members, students and local communities to get involved with philanthropy. We primarily focus on the areas of Children, Education and Housing when participating or partnering with charities. We have been privileged to work with national and local charities across the country for a variety of causes. We are continually creating opportunities for you to get involved directly or learning how you can give back in your own community.

Future FortuneBuilders

We believe that real change begins with education and the best way to implement this change is to start with the generation that will be leaders tomorrow. It is for this reason FortuneBuilders started the "Future FortuneBuilders" initiative. FFB’s mission is to teach financial literacy and personal development to teens so they can be prepared for a better future.

FortuneBuilders Oath

I will never quit. I persevere and thrive on adversity and use failure as a stepping stone toward my goals. I commit to being stronger mentally and persevering in face of doubt, skepticism, resistance and despite setbacks. If knocked down, I will get back up, every time with more resolve. I will positively contribute to the team & community and draw on every remaining ounce of my strength to grow personally and to pursue the best version of myself.

Core Values

  • Ethics & Integrity
    Do the right thing
  • Inspire
    Motivate and help others achieve their goals
  • Educate
    Believe in and commit to personal development & growth
  • Lead
    Take action & follow through. Persevere & don’t give up. No excuses. How you do anything is how you do everything.
  • Crush It!
    Enjoy every moment and do it with passion

Our Mission

Empowering your purpose through financial education

Our Vision

Seek to serve & make every person feel significant :)

FortuneBuilders Timeline

FortuneBuilders Timeline