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Check out what our students are saying about us! Here you will find reviews from students about our seminars, education and company. Browse through completed investment deals by our students, watch video reviews of FortuneBuilders Seminars and read through the great testimonials we’ve received from across the country.

Speakers Presentation

9.73 out of 10

Event Overall

9.58 out of 10

Event Atmosphere

9.21 out of 10
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Recent Student Deals

Students in our FortuneBuilders Mastery program are always sharing and celebrating their successes with the community and we hope to inspire real estate investors with their deals and case studies. Click through the most recent submissions or go to student success to browse all of the student-submitted investment deals.

  • "This was an auction property we came across and liked the look of it. It had been vacant for about a year and needed to be updated throughout. We gutted the house and made it flow better. It came out so cute! From purchase, rehab and selling it we held it 5 months."

    Rosemary Gray
    Swell Real Estate Investments
    Tallahassee, FL
  • "This house was in a very popular area of Atlanta and sold quickly. It was a large rehab. The house was even featured on a local "house hunters" show!"

    Stacy Rossetti
    Diamond In The Rough Solutions, Inc.
    Atlanta, GA
  • "I served as a wholesaler on this deal that the motivated seller wanted to get rid of, with an end buyer that was actively looking for such deals in this zip code."

    Michael Smith
    Baltimore, MD
  • "This was a wholesale deal that I picked up through my marketing. I assigned the contract to one of my investors."

    Eddie Bodkin
    Rock Solid Real Estate LLC
    Rossville, GA
  • "This was a deal that was brought to me by another FB student who diced they were no going to do the deal and wanted to wholesale. We teamed up and I found a buyer through my network. True win-win for everyone involved."

    Victor Alves
    ShapeUp Homes, Inc
    San Antonio, TX
  • "This deal began with a craigslist ad that I posted "we buy houses cash". I got a call from a spec home developer, and to make long story short, I'm now a new residential developer and was able to learn the business quickly and build the right relationships to get a new home built to make a profit. B ..." Read More

    Kolaiah Jardine
    Paradise Dream Development LLC
    Keaau, HI
  • "Purchased an old home vacate for 2-years and my Northeastern Team of Project Manager, Realtor, Attorney, and Contractor put together a plan and in record time, sold home 50K above ARV."

    Theresa LaFond
    Layoung Investments LLC
    Uxbridge, MA

FortuneBuilders Reviews

Our students inspire us everyday by sharing their stories and the impact real estate investing and a great education can make in their lives. We are humbled by the reviews we receive at FortuneBuilders and they resonate throughout the company. Read the reviews or watch the video testimonials to learn about their stories.

Video Reviews of FortuneBuilders Seminars

Written Reviews from FortuneBuilders Students

" OMG I've been up to sooo much! I can't even list everything here. Today i met with a realtor couple i met in the workshop who I've stayed in touch with since then. We developed our relationship furth ... "

" Just wanted to give a huge shout out to the entire FB team! You have all been amazing. I've grown so much this past year. Special thanks to my Inner Circle coach Jeff Fallon for helping me through som ... "

" Yes, the Fortune Builder systems work. After joining back in September of 2014, we established our S-Corp and barged forward trying to find the “deals”. Lifestyle Home Buyers set 2015 as the year ... "

" I was born a writer; but NOTHING excites me more than this business. It tingles all over when I think of my upcoming success in this field. When I see houses, I see figures; when I see abandoned house ... "

" FortuneBuilders has helped We Got Props, LLC become masters of marketing. We currently have 8 marketing campaigns running simultaneously! We are greatful for the knowledge that we are gaining from t ... "

" We just want to say a big "Thank You" to the whole Fortune Builders Team. We have always wanted to get into flipping houses and improving neighborhoods, but just didn't know where to start or if it w ... "

" FortuneBuilders has given me and my business partner an anew profound respect for living . My partner and I have been working with a very resourceful coach . Jeff Stemmerman this guy is awesome . He's ... "

" For me, Fortune Builders gave me a blueprint of how to organize my thoughts, my actions, my knowlege and my personal business structure within the real estate industry. With what I now know, I am able ... "

" Fortune Builders provided an excellent education, outlining the steps needed for success in this business. Jaquellene, my coach, was awesome! She didn't just present and review information...she liste ... "