FortuneBuilders Real Estate Seminar Reviews

Check out what our students are saying about us! Here you will find reviews from students about our seminars, education and company. Browse through completed investment deals by our students, watch video reviews of FortuneBuilders Seminars and read through the great testimonials we’ve received from across the country.

Speakers Presentation

9.73 out of 10

Event Overall

9.58 out of 10

Event Atmosphere

9.21 out of 10
* All FortuneBuilders seminar attendees are given an optional survey to complete at the event. The results are the average rating from the submitted surveys.

Celebrate Our Student Successes

Recent Student Deals

Students in our FortuneBuilders Mastery program are always sharing and celebrating their successes with the community and we hope to inspire real estate investors with their deals and case studies. Click through the most recent submissions or go to student success to browse all of the student-submitted investment deals.

  • "I had a single family home with 3 bedrooms 2 baths, a family room and kitchen. I put it under contract for $13,200 and sold it for $21,000. The ARV is ~$45,000 with an estimate rehab cost of $10,000. It can rent for $600 - $650 a month. It's a 3 min drive to Nike North America Logistics Campus."

    Sharonda Hood
    KinShip Properties, LLC
    Memphis, TN
  • "Can't say enough about AWESOME and simple BANDIT SIGNS. They are constantly working for us and keep the phones ringing! We love helping people meet their needs and this opportunity was no exception. We received a call from the seller of this Redevelopment from one of our,.. yes you know it... Bandit ..." Read More

    James Jay
    Madison, AL
  • "This house was a full gut! A lot of headaches but the trasformation was worth it!"

    Lennalba Saldivia
    Light Box Homes
    Atlanta, GA
  • "This was another rental property purchase for our passive income business. The seller was awarded this property during a divorce and she did not want to keep it. Rehab had started but was never finished."

    JoAnna Anderson
    A Team Marketing LLC
    Richmond, VA
  • "This is a buy and hold that we purchased on Nov 4th. It was a former B&D that was ran successfully for 17 years by the former owner. The building is 120 years old. A beautiful Victorian located in one of Albany's hottest rental markets located right next to a major hospital. As a former owner of pro ..." Read More

    Bela Schuch
    B&L Quality Homes Inc
    Albany, NY
  • "This was a land development deal. We purchased a raw lot, completed the subdividing process, chose a floorplan and went through the permitting process with the city. We ended up pre-selling it to an end retail buyer. We passed our contract we had with the builder on to our end buyer and stepped out ..." Read More

    Kathleen Sorensen
    Shadow Homes, Inc.
    Denver, CO
  • "The lead for this deal came from our probate direct mail marketing. We already had a crazy schedule with the current projects we were working on, so we decided to wholesale this property to another local investor who we work with. After negotiating with the seller, who inherited the property, and ou ..." Read More

    Deslyn ODell
    Praedium LLC
    Caldwell, ID

FortuneBuilders Reviews

Our students inspire us everyday by sharing their stories and the impact real estate investing and a great education can make in their lives. We are humbled by the reviews we receive at FortuneBuilders and they resonate throughout the company. Read the reviews or watch the video testimonials to learn about their stories.

Video Reviews of FortuneBuilders Seminars

Written Reviews from FortuneBuilders Students

" You’ve got resources. You’ve got online training. You’ve got coaches at your beck and call. You can email them. You can set up appointments with them. Anything you need, they’ve got it. My dealings with Fortune Builders is they’ve taught me everything I need to know. They’ve guided me along the way. Anything I need to know that I’m sure of they’re a phone call away. They can tell y ... "

" Once I was opened up to FortuneBuilders and all their systems I realized the mistakes that I was making so I was able to grow at a quick pace. You’re basically getting a Yale MBA of real estate investing in six months. "

" If you have a goal or passion to do anything in real estate, the education you’ll get at FortuneBuilders, there is nothing better than what you can accomplish with this education as well as saving yourself money and time. "

" When we first joined the program, I was skeptical. They got me out of my comfort zone and it was difficult at first, but as I started implementing the systems and saw they worked then I got excited. Now I’m gung ho. It’s exciting, especially when the phone rings. "

" To me FortuneBuilders is like real estate crossfit, you do the work, you show up they give you everything, you can transform yourself. "

" Never in my life have I ever envisioned myself as successful as I am now, in real estate. Because I never felt I had the capacity, but FortuneBuilders sees the potential in people and basically they rehab people. It’s the development of them and I’m happy that they saw what a gem I had inside of me, in order to succeed in my real estate career. "

" The fact that they've taught me to build systems so I can run it like a business. Before I wasn't running it like a business I was just going for it. I was making money but now I'm going to make big boy money. "

" FortuneBuilders is a community of people, investors that can teach you anything you could possibly imagine about real estate and help you along the way no matter what it is, what you need, there is always someone to help you. "

" Going through the FortuneBuilders program has really afforded me to live my life by design. I think that’s something that I hold near and dear to my heart. I just want to do what I want to do with whom I want to do it when I want to do it and where I want to do it. I want that total autonomy and I have that with this business. I’m really excited about that. "