Can I Flip Commercial Real Estate?

Despite the economic doom and gloom by some news media outlets there is no question that tech companies are continuing to do extremely well. Just look at the recent moves by the likes of Skype moving to a new 91,000 sq ft facility and Google buying a $1.9 billion dollar office in New York. So the question is can you get in on the action too through commercial real estate investing and flipping commercial properties?

Of course. Commercial real estate investing and flipping has been responsible for building the wealth of some of the country’s most famous business moguls of all time. It is true that you may want to brush up on your real estate education before jumping in head first so that you are aware of the terminology, common pitfalls and easiest ways to add value, but once you get going you may find it even easier than residential real estate investing.

True, commercial real estate investing may be a little more complex in some ways, but on the other hand you won’t find multi-million dollar commercial property buyers whining about the carpet color in the 3rd bedroom either. It isn’t for everyone, but you can certainly see the power of only having to do one $10 million dollar commercial deal to make as much as you would have flipping 100 houses. Keep your eyes open for all types of real estate investing opportunities in your surrounding area. Master one and make it your regular bread and butter, but do not be afraid to expand and capitalize on the big fish when they come along too. Expanding your connections to include business brokers, commercial leasing agents and Realtors will help you move commercial real estate investing opportunities quickly when they come your way.