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Bootcamp Summit

Online Real Estate Class

1-Day Online Real Estate Class

Speaker: Than Merrill

Our free online real estate class is the perfect place for beginner and advanced investors alike to learn about the latest real estate investing strategies. In this free online class, you will learn from a real estate expert trainer who will share exactly how you can get started, grow, and scale a real estate investing business. They will also discuss what opportunities real estate investors should look out for following the COVID-19 climate.

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Than Merril

Acquisitions & Wholesaling Bootcamp

Speaker: Than Merrill

Our Acquisitions & Wholesaling Bootcamp taught by Than Merrill and Jeff Rutkowski is one of our most popular events. For many attendees this is a strategic way to start their business because it generates income faster than larger rehabbing deals. We take a systematic approach in this intensive training, as we break down all the systems required to wholesale multiple deals per month.

The Acquisitions & Wholesaling Bootcamp is case study driven, focusing on wholesale deals that CT Homes has recently closed and is actively working on. This event will help teach investors the steps required to put a property under contract and quickly assign or resell the property to another investor.

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Rehabbing Bootcamp

Speaker: Paul Esajian

Our Rehabbing Bootcamp is another one of our core events, led by expert investor Paul Esajian. In this 3-day intensive attendees will learn to understand all the inner workings of a full rehab deal. You’ll learn why rehabbing is essential to your success as a real estate investor and how you can utilize this strategy to help achieve your long-term goals.

This bootcamp provides an immersive training experience, as we devote a large amount of class time to visiting real job sites in different phases of construction. We believe there is simply no substitute for learning in the field and actually seeing firsthand what systems you’ll need to manage your rehab projects.

It's our goal that attendees will leave this bootcamp with a comprehensive understanding of everything you need to know about managing rehab projects of all sizes and the systems you need to leverage to be successful. These strategies are effective in any area of the country and you can run your business from the comfort of your desk at home. It’s no wonder our Rehabbing Bootcamp is considered by many Mastery students to be the most beneficial training we offer.

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Rental Property Bootcamp

Speaker: Paul Shively

If your goal is to build a portfolio of cash flow generating assets, you will not want to miss this event! Our Rental Property Bootcamp is a revealing, two-day event taught by Paul Shively, head of the Passive Income Club. This intensive will train attendees on how to build their own personal rental property portfolios, set benchmarks for investment opportunities, and find properties that produce high-earning, monthly passive income.

By implementing the techniques taught in this program, you will ensure your rental properties meet the same high standards that our internal executive team uses for themselves.

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Marketing Systems Bootcamp

Our Marketing Systems Bootcamp was created to help beginner investors learn the value and inner workings of an effective marketing strategy. We understand the key to a thriving real estate business is a robust, aggressive and diverse marketing campaign designed to generate quality leads.

In our 2-day training, we will focus on exactly how you can implement a successful marketing strategy through multiple streams of systematic campaigns. You will learn the strategies our own investment company, CT Homes, uses in today’s market to generate consistent quality seller and buyer leads.

For many new investors, the thought of creating and managing multiple marketing campaigns seems overwhelming and even intimidating. Even established investors can hit a plateau, causing their business to stagnate and stop growing. In both cases, the culprit is often the lack of an effective marketing strategy. The Marketing Systems Bootcamp was created to give you access to campaigns we’ve already designed, written and tested, along with training on how to implement them correctly.

Real Estate Ignite

Real Estate Ignite is the FortuneBuilders' annual real estate super conference with 30+ breakout sessions from speakers that will leave you ready to IGNITE your investing business! That's why every year, for the last 8 years, thousands of real estate investors attend Real Estate Ignite to learn what's new, what’s hot and what is working right now in real estate investing and letting you in on how the systems apply to your own growing business. Stay tuned for our next real estate seminar coming December 2022.

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