Dealing With The Demands Of Incoming Calls

Once you have begun to market for your real estate investing business you can quickly find that you are getting swamped by incoming calls. This is absolutely a good problem to have. However, you can also find that you are getting dozens of calls a day from people who are of no use to you for flipping homes. This can lead to hours a day of wasted time and even missing out on the calls that are really going to bring in the money for your real estate investing business. So what to you do to cut down on the wasted time and make every minute n the phone count?

First of all, while generating masses of calls may feel great, if they are turning into real estate deals and dollars they are actually draining you. Not just draining your time and money but also draining your energy that should be reserved for more qualified prospects. So start by honing your marketing messages a little better to cut out those junk calls. It is clearly much better to get 10 calls and a deal than 100 calls for every one real estate investing deal.

Next, pre-screen your callers in order to cut out those who are not going to be profitable for your business of flipping homes. This can be done by changing the message on your marketing pieces, funneling them through your website where you can weed out those that don´t fit your real estate investing mold or by having someone else screen your calls. Hiring an assistant is something you need to do anyway. So if you do not want to splash out on a dedicated phone agent to start with, then begin by having screen your callsscreen your calls. Screening your calls for more profitable real estate investing is something almost anyone can do if given the right direction. Prepare a short pre-qualification form of approximately 5-10 questions to be completed by the person screening your calls and only have them forward those that meet the criteria you specify for your real estate investing business. This means you will be better prepared to close these prospects in the phone when you call them back. Plus you may even be able to sell the leads that you don´t want to others involved in real estate investing. When this becomes to much for your assistant to manage then simply outsource this function and create a scalable system.

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