Do I Really Need To Market On Facebook?

No you should not start using Facebook for your real estate investing business just because ‘everyone else is doing it’. However, if you want to stay in touch with buyers and sellers and be successful in the long run then you need to recognize the importance of Facebook and get connected.

Still not sure? Just look at the numbers. For a start Facebook now has over 500 million users. This is a number that is continuing to increase at 5% a month. 2010 even saw Facebook pass Google in visits. Not only are more people visiting, but they are also staying on longer than anywhere else. However the power of Facebook for real estate investing doesn’t end there. Facebook is determined to become involved in every one’s life at every moment. Improved search capability and Facebook’s new messaging service are designed to position it as the only online resource that any of us will need.

The bottom line is that whether you are focusing on real estate contract flipping or are rehabbing and flipping homes you have fixed up you need to be on Facebook. This doesn’t just mean putting up a profile or fan page for your real estate investing business and hoping you all of a sudden attract millions of buyers. First consider who your real target markets are and then choose the best way to market your real estate investing strategies towards them. It could be PPC or CPM campaigns, creating your own flash game, cultivating a group of others involved in real estate short sales or real estate contract flipping. Or it may just be making great new connections and consistently providing useful tips for buying and selling homes as well as real estate investing. Before you jump in head first, make a plan and set a budget that you can stick with.