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Turn your email marketing results from drab to FAB in the next 30 days…

Email marketing remains one of the top channels for real estate investing but there is a huge disparity in the results of those who are keeping up with current trends and tactics and those who keep trying to wing it.

One of the biggest challenges for real estate investors today is not just building a great opt-in list but knowing how frequently to send emails to maximize results without plaguing prospects so much that they unsubscribe or begin ignoring them.

One hot new start up seems to have the answer to list retention and ‘fab’ email marketing results…

New online home furnishing store who recently snagged $1 million in funding has a new solution to prevent losing email subscribers. The site requires an email address to even be accessed and then immediately begins sending out multiple messages a day but those who try to unsubscribe are first brought to a web page which allows them to customize how often they receive communications and which types of messages they are OK with receiving, dramatically reducing the odds of losing anyone. Perhaps a lesson in retention and customization real estate investing pros should pick up on.

Real estate investing companies should also be alert to how the styles of emails which are producing the best results have changed over the last year.

There are 2 strategies to pursue. The first is keeping emails as personal messages, limited to just a few lines and with links to other web assets to drive more traffic and ensure the message gets across.

The second which is also surprisingly gaining steam again is and producing solid open rates and retaining loyal clients is the long form email newsletter on steroids, which is packed with valuable information almost to a fault of giving way too much away. However, recipients recognize that they are getting something worth reading and are more likely to continue to keep opening them versus the competition’s and can position investors as THE resource for buying, selling, renting or investing in properties.

Try both…

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