Future FortuneBuilders Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

Today’s traditional school system teaches our nation’s youth how to learn, follow directions, and work together – all prerequisites for a hard-working employee. What they fail to teach, however, are the fundamental mindset shifts and financial knowledge necessary for a young entrepreneur’s success. Schools today aren’t preparing students for life in the real world, neglecting to teach teens the importance of habits, how credit and interest works, and how to build wealth, to name a few.

The goal of the Future FortuneBuilders Curriculum is to fill the gaps between high school education and real-life financial skills. Within the curriculum, J.P. Servideo will cover topics such as goal-setting, financial literacy, and relationship building. These videos will provide your teen with the fundamental success principles that were previously only known to the wealthy so that, no matter their circumstances, they will be better prepared for the real world. Most importantly, we will build a desire to learn, grow, and make educated decisions in every area of their lives.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Future FortuneBuilders
  2. Goal Setting & How It Helps Us Achieve Success
  3. Habits & How We Can Control Them
  4. What Are We REALLY Learning in School
  5. Analyzing the Rich, Middle Class and Poor
  6. Credit
  7. Financial Literacy 101
  8. Giving Back
  9. The Power of Relationships
  10. Job Skills
  11. Social Media
  12. Course Recap – What Just Happened?

Meet Your Instructor

J.P. Servideo

John “J.P.” Servideo has been a valuable member of the Fortunebuilders family for over 5 years. Over the years J.P. has completed his own real estate transactions, created community service events helping the homeless and educating thousands of teens across the country, and even Haiti and Africa, on financial literacy.

J.P. is the co-author of the book “The High Schooler’s Guide To Money” with Than Merrill and has been featured on a number of podcasts and training courses teaching financial literacy.

1. Introduction to Future FortuneBuilders

We are now introducing the Future Fortunebuilders Online Curriculum. In this section you will get a better idea of exactly what that is, why it was created and how to get the most out of it. You will learn about the creator J.P. Servideo and his background. We will even start to dive right in to making very clear distinctions about the differences of entrepreneurs and employees.

Future FortuneBuilders Mission

Who is J.P. Servideo

How to Get the Most Out of FFB

The Difference Between Entrepreneur and Employee

Pros and Cons of Being an Employee

Pros and Cons of Being an Entrepreneur

2. Goal Setting & How It Helps Us Achieve Success

Goal setting is one of the most vital parts to any business and a lot of times, it gets very little and sometimes no recognition for people’s success. Here you will learn why the most successful people realize its importance more than others and exactly how to find and set your goals. We will explore certain factual statistics that prove its value to achieving great results in any area of your life. You’ll even end up with some great exercises to start practicing goal setting.

The Importance of Goal Setting

Results of Goal Setting (Facts & Stats)

Find Your “WHY”

How to Set Goals

Vision Boards and Goals Worksheet

3. Habits & How We Can Control Them

Successful people have successful habits, bottom line. So what are they you ask? That”’s what we will explore in this section. Also we will learn why we have certain habits now and develop a process if we ever need or want to change one. Having control of your habits is one invaluable way to have control of your own future. They will allow you to create what you want in your life, not just have to settle for what you have at this moment.

Intro to Habits

Habits of Successful & Unsuccessful People

How Long Does it Take to Change a Habit?

7 Steps to Developing Good Habits

4. What Are We REALLY Learning in School

FINALLY!!! It is no longer a mystery to “Why is school important”. Funny thing is, it’s not what you think. School is valuable in a lot of ways but this time, we will learn exactly how it translates to the real world. No longer will we say “just be on time” or “do your homework because I said so”. Also there are a couple inevitable situations that will happen in high school and we will learn how to handle them here in this course.

Being on Time



Dealing With Bullies

Cyber Bullies

5. Analyzing the Rich, Middle Class and Poor

We have all heard of and been classified at one point or another as rich, middle class or poor, but what exactly does that mean? In this section, we will look into the mindset that separates the classes as well as get a better understanding of what that means with some factual data and information.

Difference Between Rich, Middle Class & Poor

Statistics (Part 1)

Statistics (Part 2)

6. Credit

Ever heard of using others peoples money to make money? Whether you have or have not, this section is designed to show you how to do just that. Also it will teach you exactly what a credit score is and highlight a lot of key points in your life, some obvious, some not as obvious, that you will need to have good credit for to live comfortably.

What is Credit?

What is Credit for?

Types of Credit

What Affects Your Score

Ways to build your credit/What will hurt you

JP’s credit score/resources

7. Financial Literacy 101

Ah yes, money. Everyone wants it, but few have as much of it as they need. Today we will learn how it works. We will get a better understanding of different types of income. We will even show you how topics like taxes, which some people find boring, excite most successful people, because it’s not what you make it’s what you keep. We’ll talk about making money and even show how it can grow and add zeros to your bank account faster than you think. If you want to be wealthy in your life, get ready because in this section you will learn the foundation to do just that.

How Money Works

Different Types of Income


Assets vs. Liabilities


Compound Interest

Why on Earth Should I Think About Retirement Now?

8. Giving Back

“I’m only one person, how much can I really do?” A question a lot of people have that prevents them from getting involved and/or really making an impact on a cause they have a passion for. No more! One person can make a difference and we are here to show you how far and how much you can impact. We want to leave you with a process for doing that, and with however many causes you want. You can change the world. In this section you’ll know exactly how.

How One Person CAN Make a Difference

A Process to Help

9. The Power of Relationships

Who you surround yourself with is one the most important things to anyone’s success. Why you ask? That is what this section is all about. We will talk about why we are who we are because of who we have already been around and how we can change the results in our own lives simply by changing who is in it. You will find out how to control your outcomes by controlling what we call your “sphere of influence”. When you master this, you will have learned one of the major keys to being successful.

The Impact of Relationships on Our Lives

Concious Modeling

Unconcious Modeling

What are You Letting Influence You

Identifying Role Models

Intro to Networking

The Power of Networking

Know Your Elevator Pitch

“How Can I Help You”

10. Job Skills

Even if you plan to run your own business, one of the best ways to learn how to do that is to work for or under someone else. To be able to do that you’re going to need a good resume and cover letter. You will also need to have great interview skills. We’re going to get prepped in this section to put together all three of those and make sure you have the tools to get any job you want. Be careful and don’t forget to pay attention to some common mistakes a lot of people make. Your reputation depends on it.

Cover Letter


Prepping for an Interview

How to Dress (Men)

How to Dress (Women)

How to Answer Interview Questions

Interview Question 1

Interview Question 2

Interview Question 3

Interview Question 4

Interview Question 5

Common Mistakes

11. Social Media

Perception determines reception. Ever wonder how people are receiving you on the internet? Social Media is everywhere and only picking up speed. With things like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter etc. we need to be more aware than ever of the content we put on these sites. What we think is private may not be and what we think is helping us may be hurting us. Dive into this section with an open mind and learn how the most successful people use social media and beware of how some uneducated people get hurt by it.

How it Effects Your Life

Social Media Tips

12. What Just Happened?

Learn how this was made and get an idea of where you should go from here. The journey has just begun. So what’s next you ask? Watch, listen and get excited because you have what it takes.

Where Do We Go From Here?