Finding A Niche For Your Real Estate Investing Business To Dominate

Let’s face it, the odds of you ever controlling absolutely every real estate transaction in your market are probably slim. However if you hone in your real estate investing marketing and position your brand correctly you could easily completely dominate a niche or two and become the top choice for anyone who falls into your mold. This means getting more out of your marketing budget, realizing a steadier and high volume stream of incoming leads who are ready to do business with you with very little negotiation at all.

One great example is Dallas developer Leobardo Trevino of Ricchi Dallas Investments who has capitalized on the violence in Mexico by attracting wealthy investors south of the border who are looking to move their money somewhere safer and acquire second homes or new residences in the safety of Texas.

Another SW FL real estate investing firm has realized that a huge percentage of buyers in the state are coming from Russia and South America and have not only hired Russian and Spanish speaking staff, but have taken their marketing abroad to real estate investing conferences and shows to tap into these powerful, cash rich markets.

Don’t worry there are plenty of niches for you to choose from for your own real estate investing business. Have a military base near by? Why not promote your services to the armed forces and develop a program specifically for soldiers returning from overseas? There are lots of them and once you have helped one, you will find them incredible loyal and a great source of ongoing referrals. What about affordable housing and offering owner financing to those who have lost their homes in the recent storm of foreclosures? Or why not go after the luxury market? Sure it has seen some declines to, but there are still plenty or deals to be had and made and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out it only takes flipping a couple million dollar houses to make a million for your own real estate investing business.

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