First Things First

by Clinton Young

Welcome back guys. Clinton Young here with FB Talent Network. I want to start off today with a bullet list of things to do first, before you even apply to any jobs.

Of paramount importance is to know yourself on a deep level. Know your values, strengths, passions, areas of interest, weaknesses, and what environment and activities put you in your natural flow.  You can achieve this by taking personality assessments, strength finders, passion tests, and by simply contemplating it and journaling about it.

Always seek to stretch and grow and learn more about yourself. If you’re not growing, you’re dying says Tony Robbins and I agree.

Ask yourself the questions: “What specific role do I want?” and “What environment do I feel I’d be most happy in?”

Meditate, contemplate, and journal about the environment and type of role you would be most happy in and visualize it daily. Feel how it would feel if you had it right now! (more on how to attract this later in the discovery process video).

Create a mission statement for your self based on your values and commit to it short term or long term.  One of mine is “To inspire young people to awaken to their greatness”.

Create goals for yourself and WRITE THEM DOWN. Written goals are proven to be achieved at a much higher percentage than goals we just speak about. Check out this study of 149 participants ages 23-72 over 4 weeks for details.  Group 1 (think about goals) only accomplished 43 percent of their stated goals, while those in Group 5 (write down goals, share with friend, and weekly report of success) accomplished 76 percent of their goals.

Write out your goals, and put them in your bathroom mirror, in your wallet, on your car visor etc and read it every morning and every night and BELIEVE that you already have it and FEEL it! Tell other people as well.  (See “Law of Attraction” for more detail around why it’s imperative that you 1.) Get inspired, 2.) Believe it is already done, 3.) Feel the feelings of having it right now, 4.) Take Action, and 5.) Look for clues that will show up, telling your intuitive mind what actions to take next. If you do this, you will be amazed at what you create, seemingly out of thin air… The key is to ACT when you get a clue, without delay, and continue repeating the process… Enjoy!).

Other related tips:

Create a blog or website if you are the creative type or if you are applying for a creative or technical role.

Monitor your Facebook and other social media. Recruiters check. Don’t be a donkey! Know that what you post and what you allow others to post on your wall on Facebook for example gives a certain perception of others watching, even if it’s innocent. Perception is oftentimes reality unfortunately. You’ve been warned.

Stay tuned to learn more about the importance of company culture in your job search.

Create an excellent week.

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