The Flip Side of Foreclosure Profits: 8.3 Million Kids Homeless

There may be a ton of money to be made from flipping houses and it may not be today’s investors’ fault that so many are losing their homes but what about the millions of displaced kids?

According to recent stats an outrageous 8.3 million children are being affected by the foreclosure crisis. Between those who have already lost their homes, those in foreclosure now and those in rental properties which are in foreclosure these kids are having their lives turned upside down.

Of course some families may find new homes relatively easy but others still haven’t and most will see their school work suffer in some way or another. Some kids take change in their stride easily but many find leaving friends behind and changing schools very distressing, even if they don’t say so.

It’s not that most investors flipping houses don’t care. It isn’t your fault these parents or landlords defaulted on their loans. You aren’t stealing their homes away and aren’t even the ones foreclosing or evicting them (in most cases). So why should you care right? This situation will negatively affect this generation to some degree or other in a lasting way. Homeownership has proven to increase family stability, reduce problems with teens and improve school grades. It isn’t always the parents fault either but it seems someone should do something.

Those rehabbing and flipping houses are already helping to a certain extent. By recycling and improving these homes jobs are being created, communities revitalized and the economy is slowly improving but can you do more?

Charitable deeds can be good for your real estate investing brand. However, people will quickly see through you if you are simply getting involved for your own profit or not. Can you help local food banks, donate part of your proceeds to local shelters or even help build a new shelter? What about at least creating more low income housing and getting involved in Section 8 rentals? How about at a minimum using your real estate investing blog or website to provide information on tutoring, mentoring and food assistance programs?