Flipping Homes: Where Are The Buyers At?

Getting your hands on great inventory is important, however reaching buyers is what will turn flipping homes into dollars and profits. So where are all the buyers?

There are an abundance of deals in every part of the country that are ripe for real estate investing and working in the areas that you know the best is smart. However when it comes to finding buyers for your homes you certainly shouldn’t limit your real estate investing business to local buyers. Foreign investors actually make up a significant portion of buyers all across the US. America has always offered incredible value for money for those in Europe and Russia, though many other countries from Canada to the Middle East to South America see the United States as a great place to put their money and relocate. However with recent concerns about home ownership rights in what have recently been popular real estate investing locations across the world like Eastern Europe and South America the US is becoming more attractive than ever. Even fractional ownership programs in Europe that have attracted many are now going to be a thing of the past due to new EU directives coming into effect in January 2011.

So how do you reach these buyers and tell them about your real estate investing opportunities cost effectively? Of course direct mail and telemarketing isn’t going to work. But tapping into the power of channel partners through foreign investment associations, chambers of commerce and real estate agents in other countries may just be the ticket. You may be skeptical about buying a home overseas sight unseen, but for many others this is a normal way of doing business providing the numbers and presentation is right. Just look at the recent sports star who purchased a $10 million plus home in Miami without even seeing it in person!

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