Forget Short Sales, Finding Free Property Is No Battle

If you thought that real estate investing was great right now because of all of the short sales, REOs and foreclosures that abound, it gets even better than that. If you are tired of battling other investors and haggling with sellers who need to sell but are just too stubborn to do it you may want to check out Battle Creek, Michigan.

Why? The city is giving away property here! Yes, you will have to cover the cost of the title transfer but other than that you could land a sweet piece of commercial or mixed use property with residential areas for free!

Now, when Michigan gets mentioned in association with real estate investing today most think of crime ridden downtown Detroit. However, in contrast Battle Creek which has been working hard to attract new business over the last three years has not only put its own $20 million of public and foundation money into improvements but has seen an influx of $88 million in private investment. A huge amount of retail and office space has already been rehabbed and occupied and the economy is definitely looking up.

Of course if you plan on going after some of the properties Battle Creek is offering for your real estate investing business you will need to provide a business plan and show how you will create more jobs and taxes for the city but that is a small price to pay for the potential profits that could be had on a deal like this.

If the cold up north really isn’t your thing then look for similar real estate investing opportunities closer to home. There are sure to be many other cities seeking to attract new businesses and jobs which will raise their tax base. Now is the time to be creative and jump on these opportunities before they are gone.

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